The name Caprice sounds unique and dazzling. I disagree with everybody who has commented that they do not like how the name sounds like other things, or they don’t like the meaning. It doesn’t matter if the name sounds like things, it matters how it sounds.
GORGEOUS, super girly name. Very rare. (Any nay-sayers probably have unoriginal names like Kate and Mary. Sorry!)
Odd in a pretty way!
Doesn't really look like an actual name and I dislike the meaning.
Ridiculous name. Chevy Caprice.
I've loved this name since the second I saw it!
I have kind of a "name-crush" on this name. It really has a beautiful sound and imagery with the island of Capri, but, I would never use it as a first name (in real life anyway) because it reminds me too strongly of the word "capricious" and (less so) tacky capri pants.
Hello. My name is Caprice. My father named me after hearing the name in France while in the Army. I have to say it is unusual but very distinguished. I have grown to love my name and get complimented daily on how beautiful it really is. LOL. When I got into my older 20's I found out a guy that picked on me in grade school actually named his daughter with my name but used as her middle name. And I worked with her mother in my thirties.
Lol, it sounds like capris and Capri sun.
Caprice is my middle name... I've always been called Caprice and I love it. I hated it as a child because people had a hard time remembering it but I now love how unique it is. And I'm certainly not a hooker or a stripper. My mom named me as soon as she knew she was pregnant. My first name is Regina and they went well together. I named my daughters unusual names as well.
I believe the name is beautiful, because I am named Caprice. I have met only a few that carried this name, which I'm thankful for. I wouldn't want a common name.
I think of Caprice sun when I hear this.
Just Terrible.
Capri is a form of the name, right? Capri is the name of Buddhathebob, a deviantart famous person.
You have "Capricia" as a diminutive of this name. Shouldn't it be a variant? (You do have a separate entry for it as an elaboration, which is more accurate. [noted -ed]
A Caprice in painting is an architectural fantasy, and in music, it means a free-form, lively piece of music. It's taken directly from the Italian word for them, capriccio.

So you can also see this as a musical name, like Harmony or Melody.

Tchaikovsky has a beautiful piece of music, which in English is called "Italian Caprice".
Tina Louise (aka Ginger from Gilligan's Island) has a daughter named Caprice.
Caprice Bourret is an American model, actress, and businesswoman.
Since the meaning is 'whim,' I imagine this name belonging to the daughter of immature teenage parents. It actually sounds like a name, at least, but it does not sound pleasant. There are so many more positive names out there, please choose one of them!
This name looks fake, ugly, and kind of snobbish and pretentious.
This name sounds like a stage name for a showgirl, stripper, or even a prostitute. It doesn't sound like a name a person would give their child, and I apologize to anyone who bears this name if I've offended them.
This name sounds like an unfair sexist stereotype to me, and it sounds more like a pseudonym than anyone's real name.
Actually, this means "impulse" or "fickle act" in French, not Italian. The Italian word is "capriccio". Either way, the implications of this name are more negative than positive. [noted -ed]
This is a name of a Flier of the Field (large butterfly) in Robert Newcomb's "Chronicles of Blood and Stone." Caprice belongs to Shailiha, the female Chosen One.
"Caprice" is also an English noun. A caprice is a sudden whim or fancy.
This name is beautiful, but I like Capri better.
There's a car called the Chevrolet Carpice. I don't see it much these days, I think it's considered an old-person's car now.
This is not an Italian name! [noted -ed]
This is where we get our word "capricious" from, meaning impulsive and oft-changing.
Caprice is the name of an American model. I can't stand her, she's so full of herself.

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