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I have a daughter, now 17, whose name is Caris. I chose this spelling because, quite simply, it is pronounced EXACTLY LIKE IT LOOKS -- as we often, say "Caris, like PARIS with a 'C'!" The "ys" ending of the "Carys" version was a surefire way to ensure she would be called "Carries" all her life and I could already see the Kh/Charis being pronounced "CHAIR-is" or "CHER-reece." The simple 5-letter, "say it like it looks" version has served her well and she has gotten so many compliments on her name over the years. Best of all, in the bible it is the Greek word for the "grace of God." I don't regret my decision and hope this helps other moms who are wavering on options for spelling!
― Anonymous User  1/2/2019
Pronounced KA-ris, like the A in "sat". I prefer this way, but definitely not like CAR-is, and CARE-is. KAH-ris is fine with me, but Ka-rees is the worst.
― Anonymous User  9/7/2010
CARIS is purely a Greek name meaning grace and kindness, but it can be interpreted as a Welsh name meaning love, as "caru" means love in Welsh. The name CARYS is purely a Welsh name meaning love. I don't think it should be with a K because "Karice" would sound and look like another kind of name. Plus, it would be pronounced KA-RICE or KA-REES, no no!
― Anonymous User  3/22/2010
If I used the name Caris I would spell it Karice, pronounced CARE iss.
baileymarissa  9/7/2009
Caris is a Greek name meaning grace, charm, and favor. This is better than the otherwise "Charis". It's by far one of the best Greek names. You hear it a lot in Greek/Christian religion, because it's holy, it's the Greek word for grace. If you're interested in celebrity names consider this: It is similar to Catherine Zeta Jones daughter's name "Carys", and it also sounds similar to "Paris", such as Paris Hilton, so therefore making it cool, ha ha!
― Anonymous User  8/26/2009
Caris was a frontrunner in the competition for her season of Australia's Next Top Model, though she didn't win.
erb816  7/27/2008
I'm considering using Caris as a nickname for Caroline Lewis. Get it? "Car" from Caroline + "is" from Lewis = Caris.
― Anonymous User  12/6/2005

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