Very unattractive.
I agree, but this spelling is the best spelling of Carlie.
Really really ugly name.
I sort of like this as a nickname for a little boy named Carl (spelled this way). As a first name for either gender, it sounds very juvenile.
I have a friend who named her newborn daughter Carlie, spelled this way. I think she made a good choice! Carlie is a very cute and quirky name for a girl :)
I find it hysterical how this spelling dropped from the charts, yet "Carlee" still remains.

Carly, Carlie, Carlee. Carlee is the worst spelling!
One of the characters in the Betsy Byars novel The Pinballs is named Carlie.
This name has been used for boys on rare occasions, most likely as a diminutive of Carl. I actually kind of like it on a boy, although I think the spelling Carly or Carley looks more masculine. I would never really use it for a boy of course, because this name along with the aforementioned spellings are now regarded as feminine names. I don't like the name Carly for a girl. It sounds very youthful, but I do like the way the spelling Carlie looks. Maybe it could be a nickname for Charlotte or Caroline or even Carlotta :)
The middle name of Renesmee from the Twilight saga; Breaking Dawn. It is a combination of Carlise and Charlie.
Love it. Prefer 'Carliey' though. Don't know why, it's just different.
I really don`t know if I like the name or not. Guess I have to because it is my name.

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