I love this name! My best friend's name is Carlota! And I tell her it's such a beautiful name and she's like ew no it sounds like a Spanish whore. I'm like... no it's BEAUTIFUL so shut up :) love this name.
Portuguese pronunciation is [kuhr-LO-tuh].
In Portugal, this is NOT used as pet form, but rather is an independent feminine form of Carlos - the Portuguese form of Charlotte. The other traditional cognate is Carolina, which comes from Latin. Both names have been in use since the at least the 18th century.

Carla is a modern variation which became common by Brazilian influence in the 1970's. Nowadays it is rather dated and even 'low-class', while Carolina and Carlota are more fashionable and timeless. [noted -ed]
My name is Carlota. I know it is a scornful diminutive from Carla. In French it is Charlotte (I really love it). I am very proud of my name. ^^
I think it is the other way around. Carla is a pet name for Carlota.
I don't think so. In Spanish-speaking countries, the suffixes -ota or -ita (and of course the masculine equivalents) often indicate a pet form - as far as I know. Think of Anita, pet form of Ana, or Carlito, pet form of Carlos. And so on. I guess is right. ;)
Also means "manly". Still a beautiful name though.
I really like this name. This is my name in my Spanish class, and I am really proud to be called this name.
This name is also the Spanish form of Charlotte.
I really like this name, I think it's elegant and really classy.
Name of the infamous Carlota Joaquina of Bourbon (1755-1830), infanta of Spain and wife of John VI of Portugal.
It reminds me of Phantom of the Opera.

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