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A famous bearer is Carwyn Jones, First Minister for Wales since 2009.
Pie  11/25/2011
Carwyn Rees James, (2 November 1929 – 10 January 1983) was a Welsh rugby union player and coach. He won two Welsh international caps but is most famous for his coaching achievements for both Llanelli and the British Lions.
Carwyn  8/15/2011
This is a male name, the female alternative has a different spelling- Carwen.
I also believe that the meaning could be Carw-wyn, Carw being Stag or Dear, wyn/wen being Pure/white etc.
Carwyn  8/15/2011
The name is masculine because of the ending WYN, which is masculine in Welsh rather than the feminine WEN. By theory, Carwen would be the feminine spelling.
KOT  1/10/2007
It seems masculine enough to me. I'm actually writing a story where the two main characters are named Carwyn and Ceridwen (another Welsh name of similar origin). The names just seemed to click.
KingoftheMoon  11/7/2006
I am surprised to see Carwyn listed as masculine, I was thinking it would be a pretty name for a girl.
― Anonymous User  8/29/2006
I think that Carwyn is a very pretty name, for a girl.
KittyCat  7/16/2006

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