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My name is Caryn. It's pronounced Car-in like car in the garage. My parents got it from a Swedish newspaper. I love the way it's pronounced. It's unique. Although people like to call me Karen.
sandercl  1/31/2015
I am told by a Welsh woman this was a common name in the 1920-30's in Wales. She says this was the favored spelling, I don't know if it was her opinion or fact, but I love it. It sounds the same as Karen. This personality can be sneaky but has a very tender heart and loves very deeply.
― Anonymous User  12/6/2013
I like the name Caryn, it is a name not a lot of people have and it's pretty.
heidibear33189  12/18/2007
I simply adore this name. It's the only spelling variation of "Karen" that I like. It has a natural, fun, and intelligent feeling to it. Not to mention, with such an interesting spelling you're not likely to find too many kids in the same school with this name.
Kat-Reverie  12/10/2007
Why do people spell names with a Y replacing an I? This just drives me crazy when I see it. Karen or Caren or Carin or Karin, just not Caryn.
bjd1994rts  2/1/2006
I believe that in the US the name Caryn is pronounced similar to Karen, but my name is pronounced CAR-IN, more like the Corinne version of the name.
Caryn  1/3/2006
Caryn was the given name of comedian Whoopi Goldberg.
AndrewJKD  4/2/2005
Here are some different meanings of Caryn:-
Irish Gaelic: A friend.
Cornish: Love.
Italian: The beloved one.
English: Pure.
Latin: Keel.
autumn_angel  3/5/2005
Caryn is actually pronounced "Ka-rin" not "KER-in". There is the same emphasis on both sylables.
autumn_angel  3/5/2005

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