Cute but I prefer Katalina.
Janessa2542  4/7/2021
What a gorgeous name! You could use "Cat" as a cute nickname!
MythicalCreature  3/31/2021
This name seems very “California” to me. It also reminds me of the ocean, too. I think I like it!
Mab1996  2/23/2021
I like it, it's elegant and sophisticated.
― Anonymous User  5/31/2020
Catherine of Aragon, Queen of England (1485-1536) her Spanish given name was Catalina.
marie67  3/10/2020
someone-  10/25/2019
I'm sorry but this is a traditional family name of mine and I ever met a non-latina/Spanish woman with this name, I'd cringe hard.
Catcortezz  10/20/2019
MacOS 10.15 Catalina. The operating system is named after Saint Catalina Island in California.
Feiticeiro  8/13/2019
Also Occitan: (Source: Institut d'études occitanes)
Frollein Gladys  6/24/2019
Catalina Aruca (played by Nadine Velazquez) is a character from the television series My Name is Earl.
― Anonymous User  6/23/2019
Also Corsican: [noted -ed]
Frollein Gladys  2/16/2019
I am thinking of changing my name to Catalina. I am a little reluctant because I am not Hispanic, but the name is so beautiful and spunky at the same time. I wonder how many white women are named Catalina.
Truenamenerd  10/11/2018
Truenamenerd, Well a name doesn't have a race. Considering the Spanish community has a mixture of ethnicities and a lot of these names are used in Spain, which is largely European then you shouldn't have an issue. Considering Isabella is a mostly Italian and Spanish name, and most people who use it aren't't necessarily either. It just proves again a name doesn't have a race.
CatherineTheGreat  12/21/2018
CatherineTheGreat, I'm sure we can all agree that a name is not a race, also, depending on who you speak with, the term Spanish does not define a race, and if you want to get really technical about the history of race, it has been deemed as nothing more than a social construct. Spanish is a language and is also a term used to define a culture found in the country of Spain. People from other spanish-speaking countries are known as Hispanic or Latino/Latina. When it comes to the name Catalina, it is most often used by those who identify with Hispanic/Latin/Spanish heritage, key words here are "most often". Think about a person with the name Jose or Alejandra. If you were meeting this person for the first time, you might assume that they were of Hispanic/Latin/Spanish origin.
Onetruenamenerd  12/24/2018
I like Cataline better.
― Anonymous User  9/11/2018
Such a gorgeous name.
kayisforkeen  8/26/2018
Hello, my real name is Catalina and I've been called "Katy, Cat, Talyn, and Kitty". And many people kept saying to me "Wow, your name is so beautiful!"
ToughTalyn  1/24/2018
According to ( Catalina ranked 14th place in Argentina (2009). In Buenos Aires Catalina ranked 14th place in 2006, it then rose or possibly declined to 7th place in 2010 (years 2007, 2008, 2009 are unavailable) then it declined or possibly rose to 9th place in 2012 (2009 is unavailable), in 2014 it then rose or possibly declined to 8th place (2013 is unavailable), it then rose up to 5th place in 2015 possibly making 2015 the year Catalina has reached the highest point on the chart.
lilolaf  2/2/2017
Catalina Artusi is an Argentine actress who is perhaps best known for her participation in the Telefé telenovela Chiquititas. Artusi's first acting experience came as "Catalina" in Verano del '98, in 1998. In Verano del '98 she participated alongside a number of other Chiquititas stars, including Agustina Cherri. The then nine-year-old actress gained a role in popular soap Chiquititas, during the show's fourth season in 1998.
cutenose  1/13/2017
The more I think about this and the more I read, the more I think Catalina is unrelated to Katherine and has Roman origins.

1. It doesn't make sense that the r of Katerina in Greek would shift to an l in Spanish. Plenty of other names with r are retained in Spanish, including other names with Greek origins (e.g., Maria, Irene).

2. The languages where Catalina is used relatively frequently (Romanian, Spanish, and Portuguese) are very geographically diverse as a group, but are all Romance languages, with Latin origins.

3. As others have noted, Catilina was a Roman name, specifically a cognomen. Lucius Sergius Catilina was a Roman senator in the first century BCE, for example.

4. Not sure what the meaning of Catilina was. Latin words with similar roots seem to be related to the meaning of "plate" or "disc," as in a plate you eat off of, or a millstone.

Interestingly, similar sounding names that have been attributed as variants of Katherine intersect with this history. Kaitlin, for example, appears to have been derived from the Old French Cateline, which is again involving a Romance language (that is further removed from Latin than Spanish or Romanian), and seems even more similar to Catilina than Katerina (consider that Lucius Sergius Catilina is often referred to as Catiline, for instance). Katalin, the Basque name, is Basque, which has one of the most mysterious linguistic origins of all extant languages.

It seems reasonable to me to hypothesize that Catalina might have something to do with Catalonia too, although the resemblance and historical relationship with the Roman Catilina seems very strong.
― Anonymous User  10/5/2016
Chile rankings of the year 2012 and 2013 are now available, published by the Chilean Civil Registry. I realized that the site have only until 2006.

Check this link:

And 2014:
julianazalamena  7/9/2016
When I was at school I had 5 classmates called Catalina. I would like the name if it weren't so overused.
― Anonymous User  6/29/2016
Catalina Florez is an Australian television reporter with this beautiful name.
Just Jonquil  12/13/2015
When I first heard the name Catalina I thought: wow!

I find it a really charming name, it's so feminine and so beautiful. It's one of my favourite names. I personally prefer it to Catarina even, because Catarina's also very nice but in Catalina the 'l' makes it sound even nicer.

And no, I don't think of the dressing or Catalina island or anything like that.

Cata is a very cute nickname, like another user said.
― Anonymous User  11/9/2014
I wonder if this name came from the Roman surname Catilina. It seems possible since this name is only very popular in countries of Latin-based languages.

Lucius Sergius Catilina (108 BC – 62 BC) was a Roman Senator of the 1st century BC. He is best known for the Catilinarian conspiracy, an attempt to overthrow the Roman Republic.
Tiger Lilly  8/8/2013
Cata (kah-tah) is a cute nickname :)
― Anonymous User  6/7/2013
Reminds me of the Catalina wine mixer in the movie Step Brothers :P.
― Anonymous User  1/28/2013
Radio host Jackie O has a daughter named Catalina nicknamed Kitty.
littlemissebony  7/23/2012
Catalina (1567-1597) was the daughter of King Philip II of Spain and his third wife Elisabeth.
CarolinW  7/22/2012
I find "Katalina" tacky, cheap, and incredibly trashy in appearance. Not only that, everyone surely must admit that it is rather unprofessional, "kre8tiv," and juvenile. It is a name with individuality branded into it before use-- customizing it creates a distasteful, uneducated aura. Unnecessary.

As for "Catalina"... very classy and elegant with a neutral middle for our fashion-forward ladies and rough-and-tumble tomboys alike. I find it Broadway, actually (is that an acceptable definition?). It certainly is not a frequent name in the United States. Affirmative, that was indeed a hint, future parents.
Francesca  5/29/2011
Francesca, though your opinion is appreciated, your means of phrasing are disturbing to me. "Surely everyone must agree". No. You must understand that you cannot go through life expecting all others to agree with your opinion. Katalina, in my opinion, looks a good deal better than Catalina, which, I am afraid, reminds me of salad dressing.
Strangak  6/14/2013
Meow! Just say you don't like it. No reason to be catty about it. Personally, I like Katalina more than Catalina.
KittyKat78  5/29/2011
May I ask what you find "catty" about what I said? Do you know what the definition of "catty" is (=slyly malicious)? I read my post once more and... I did say that I didn't like the one which includes "K"-- though was careful not to be too minimalistic. I simply assumed people would like to hear why.
Francesca  8/30/2011
Catalina is a beautiful Island off the coast of California.
MirandaIrie  5/14/2011
I like this name because there is a character in 'Incantation' by Alice Hoffman called Catalina. The book is set in Spain and is about Spanish Jews hiding as Catholics. It's a very good book.
namesfan  8/15/2009
Catalina Sandino Moreno is an Academy Award-nominated Colombian actress.
Elianita  12/15/2008
I normally would like this name, but I think this one woman ruined it. I prefer Catarina.
― Anonymous User  6/19/2008
Hernan Cortes' mom was named this.
lcgirl20  5/6/2008
I like the name. When you say it with the Spanish tongue!
IAmTabby  3/13/2008
It's pretty, I guess, although it's kinda long.
― Anonymous User  11/7/2007
The name is Romanian and just to let you know there are more famous Romanian people called Catalina not just a gymnast! But she is great. :D So its nickname would be Cata and in Romanion it's actually spelt CÃTÃLINA, the à sounds a bit like 'er'. There is an island called Catalina near California and there was also a plane which was used in the Second World War called Catalina too.
catalina_x  10/12/2007
When I hear this name I can't help but think of the character Queen Catalina from the game Trapt.
Foof  6/8/2007
Beautiful name.
nothingshortoftragic  3/24/2007
The name is Irish when spelled Katalina.
― Anonymous User  3/22/2007
Considering there is no "K" in the Irish Gaelic alphabet, the above comment is incorrect. The Irish form of Catalina/Catherine is considered to be Caitlín.
― Anonymous User  5/31/2010
Catalina Sandino Moreno is an Columbian actress. She was in a film "Maria Full of Grace", and was nominated for an Academy Award for the role.
pocho-mole  2/21/2007
I thought this was an Italian name because of the letters I-N-A at the end.
― Anonymous User  2/8/2007
The other origins of the name are: Romanian, Italian, and Portuguese.
Cat17  2/6/2007
Famous bearers:
Catalina Sandino, Colombian Actress.
Catalina Ponor, Gymnast in the Olympic Games Romania.
Cat17  2/6/2007
Queen Catherine of England née Catherine of Aragon (Castilian: Catalina de Aragón y Castilla) (December 16, 1485–January 7, 1536) was queen consort of England as Henry VIII of England's first wife. Henry tried to have their twenty-four year marriage annulled in part because all their male heirs apparently died in childhood, with only one of their six children, Princess Mary (later Queen Mary I) surviving as heir presumptive, at a time when there was no precedent for a woman on the throne. The Pope refused to allow the annulment of Henry's marriage to Catherine, which set off a chain reaction that led to Henry's break with the Roman Catholic Church and his subsequent marriage to Anne Boleyn in the hope of fathering a male heir to continue the Tudor dynasty.

Born in Alcalá de Henares, Catherine was the youngest surviving child of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile. Her older siblings were Isabella, Princess of Asturias, John, Prince of Asturias, Joan I of Spain and Maria of Castile and Aragon, Queen of Portugal. She was an aunt, among others, of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, John III of Portugal and their wives, Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor and Henry I of Portugal.

She was a granddaughter of both John II of Castile and John II of Aragon born in 1558. She was descended from the English royal house through both her great-great-grandmothers Katherine of Lancaster and Philippa of Lancaster, daughters of John of Gaunt. She was thus a third cousin of both Henry VII and his wife Elizabeth of York.
sweetbabe  12/17/2006
Catalina is not a version of Katherine/Catherine. This is an assumption made by the first marriage of King Henry VII of England to Princess Catalina of Aragon, and her name was changed to Catherine at her marriage, as it was the closest to the English name. IT IS NOT A TRANSLATION.
hannahxxdiva  6/26/2006
After further thought, I think that "Catalina" most probably has some connection to the Roman Cataline, a power seeker in the court of one of the Caesars.
― Anonymous User  6/26/2006
"Catalina" has the root "catal" like "Catalunia", "Catalan", therefore "Catalina" could originate from the name of Catalunia, which is a part of Spain.
iva_toneva  5/9/2006
A famous bearer is Catalina Ponor, the Romanian gymnast who took three gold medals in the Athens Olympics.

I like this name a lot.
alimorag  4/12/2006
The name Catalina is obviously connected to the city of Catalonia.
Dogsy  1/27/2006
To those linking the name Catalina to Catalonia: please stop talking about what you don't know. The root for Catalina and its equivalents, Catherine, Catarina, Caterina, Katalin, etc. is the Greek Katharos which means "pure". This word evolved in different ways in the different languages and has NOTHING to do with Cataluña, which is not of Greek origin.
― Anonymous User  9/21/2007
1) Catalonia is -not- a city, at least not a Spanish city. It's an autonomous community in Spain, but there are many Catalan communities in the areas around the Spanish-French border.
2) Catalonia in Spanish is Cataluña. In Catalan it is Catalunya. In Aranese it is Catalonha. I see no connection with these words to the name 'Catalina'. It is probably a variant of Catherine.
― Anonymous User  3/6/2006
A nickname for Catalina is Cata, which is also a Spanish name. Also, this is the name of my cousin.
candiiz  1/24/2006
Catalina Island is off the coast of California.
breakofday  12/30/2005
There's Catalina salad dressing.
― Anonymous User  10/27/2005
While it's a pretty name, I can't help but think of the aforementioned salad dressing.
― Anonymous User  5/2/2006
The name stands for Katie or Katherine.
w00891  8/17/2005

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