Nope! The K spelling is much better.
Looks better spelt with a K.
Cathryn Sophia was the horse who won the 2016 Kentucky Oaks.
This spelling of the name is quite medieval.
I like this spelling, but it's bound to get misspelled frequently.
This is my favorite spelling of this name.
The name Cathryn was given to 53 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
I love this charming spelling as a middle name to balance a short first name and long surname rather than going with Catherine.
I have a (distant) cousin whose name is Cathryn. I've always liked this spelling.
As this is my name and I hate it. But I'm glad it's spelt like this because it's different (doesn't look too princess-y either) and it doesn't look so girly.
This spelling is better than Catherine because it's pronounced the way that it looks.
I like Cathryn spelled this way, rather than the traditional Katherine, which sounds harsh and bossy to me.

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