I love this! It's a strong and dignified name for a girl. I personally like it better than Katrina and Catherine.
In Welsh this is pronounced CAT-rin or ca-TRIN. Both 'a' and the 'i' sounds should be short. You can find an example of how to pronounce it here: [noted -ed]
This name was used for one of Cathy Cassidy's main characters in Lucky Star (Cat).
I love this name. I've always thought that Katherine/Catherine was pretty (both the name and meaning), but the names are so common here (in America) that I've been looking for alternatives, like Katarina, Caitlin, etc. (which are nice, too). But now I've found the pefect one.
Catrin means 'pure'. It isn't Welsh for Catherine. Many people think that some Welsh names are just translations of some English names, but in most cases it's the other way round. It's pronounced Cat (like the animal) - rin (like rinse - without the se!)
Interesting name, I just have troubles with pronouncing it.
My name is the Welsh version of Katherine which is Catrin. I love it, but it is very common. In my year in school, where we have about 80 pupils, there are 5 people with the name Catrin. I don't really like the English version, but I love the Portuguese version Catarina. My middle name is Mai which is Welsh for May and I think these go together as Catrin Mai very well.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Catrin here:

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