Fictional Characters from Books: 2 characters
Celia   2000   Feeling Sorry for Celia  
Serena van der Woodsen (a.k.a. Celia)   2002   Gossip Girl  
Fictional Characters from Song Titles: 1 character
(character) Celia   1971   Celia of the Seals  
Fictional Characters from Television: 1 character
Serena van der Woodsen (a.k.a. Celia)   2007   Gossip Girl  
Hurricanes and Tropical Storms: 2 hurricanes, 1 storm
Storm Celia   1962  
Hurricane Celia   1966  
Hurricane Celia   1970  
Notable Writers: 1 author
C. S. Friedman (a.k.a. Celia)   1957-  
Olympic Medalists: 1 gold
(gold) Celia Corres   1992   field hockey  
Shakespearian Characters: 1 character
Celia   As You Like It