Cecilia is much nicer.
This is pretty.
This variant is okay, but I prefer Cecilia.
In 2018, 63 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Cecelia who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 022nd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Cecelia is much prettier then Cecilia, and less common. Pronounced See-uh, Cia is a cute nickname.
I was named Cecelia by mom and she named me after my great- grandmother.
This is my confirmation name and I only recently realized (I've been confirmed for a few years) that on the certificate it says "Cecelia" instead of "Cecilia" which, even though it's not my legal name, I've been thinking was Cecilia all along. Now I'm kind of glad it's Cecelia because as other people mentioned the -cilia is a bit too "cell anatomy" for me.
I don't like this spelling, but that's just me because I always prefer the authentic spellings, and although Cecelia is not a stretch, Cecilia just looks more elegant.
St Cecilia, patron saint of music, was blind, hence why most sites say that the name means "blind". I read that St Cecilia was noted to love music and singing and continued singing right up until her martyrdom.
I much prefer this spelling. It seems more intuitive to me, that Celia is spelled thus, and Cecelia should too. And as previous poster's commented, cilia is a biological term. I also agree that Cecelia is more intuitive spelling for the nickname Cece.
I also used to dislike this name, for me it was childish associations with it sounding like seals/sea lions. Of course now I don't think that! And it is on my short list as a possible name for my second daughter. It is sophisticated, pretty and meaningful name choice. Especially for Catholics and Christians who love music and singing!
This is one of my favorite girl names right now, although I used to hate the name. Now I love it, but only with the spelling Cecelia. I can't stand the Cecilia spelling. It is a beautiful name, though, and I'm not sure why I hated it so much!
Cecelia Bellomy, American playwright and actress.
I used to not like this name, but it's growing on me. I've only met one person named Cecelia, (although it might've been Cecilia, I like Cecelia a little more) and she went by cici, which I think is cute :)
I love this spelling! It looks so much more elegant to me. It's easier to pronounce for me as well. I sometimes want to read Cecilia as "Seh-sill-ee-uh" because of Cilia from Life Science. That's actually a really unpleasant association. Plus, I think this spelling lends itself better to nicknames like CeCe/Cece and Celia.
This spelling was actually slightly more popular than Cecilia from the 1880s through the early 1900s. Cecelia peaked in 1907 at #174. That was not super popular, but it was a bit more popular than Cecilia at #214. However, Cecilia is now much, much less popular. It is way down at #738 as opposed to Cecilia's #265.
(All of this information is taken from the social security website:
I like the spelling Cecilia so much better.
This spelling would never work where I live. To me it looks like it's pronounced seh-SEH-lee-ah instead of seh-SEE-lee-ah.
This name is graceful, it's so beautiful.
"Sorcery & Cecelia" in the first book in a trilogy about two proper young ladies, the cousins Cecelia and Kate, and their misadventures in Regency England high society. After reading the book I found that I liked this spelling better than "Cecilia."
Fantastic American historical novelist, Cecelia Holland.
There is a novelist named Cecelia Ahern.
I prefer the spelling Cecilia. It is a very beautiful name.

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