Cem Öztürk is the main character in the German comedy TV series: 'Türkisch für Anfänger' (English: Turkish for Beginners) aired in 2006-2008. This character is played by Elyas M'Barek.
Sultan Cem (also Djem or Zizim) was a pretender to the Ottoman throne in the 15th century. He was exiled and later murdered in mysterious circumstances in 1495.
The name Cem is not a rare name in Turkey and it comes from an ancient Persian king "Djamshid" which became as "Djam" in Medieval Persian language. It was Yima in Avesta language which means that "shining light", by the time, Y turns into J in Persian.

In current Turkish alphabet, C has the sound of J or Dj.
This name makes me think of Cem Fel, brother to Jagged Fel, from Star Wars.
Comes from an ancient Persian king called Jamshid which started to be pronounced as Jam during the Medieval age in Persia. In Avesta, Jam used to be Yima (lately Y turns into J) which used to mean "he who shines out". [noted -ed]
Cem Karaca: A famous rock/folk singer
Cem Özdemir: Co-chairman of the German political party Alliance '90/The Greens who has Turkish roots.
Cem Yılmaz: A comedian and movie artist in Turkey.
Cem Adrian: A Turkish pop singer.
Cem Sultan: Was a pretender to the Ottoman throne in the 15th century.
Cem Akaş: Writer.
Cem Özer: A comedian.
Cem Uzan: A businesman and a political party leader.
It is used for a religious ceremony of Alevi's and their temples are called Cemevi which means "house of Cem".
Cem means "to gather" in Arabic.

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