Ceres pronounced as TSEH-rehs in Czech and Slovak.
This to my ears and eyesight, is one of the loveliest names of all time. It's so unusual, uncommon and soft sounding which I often find S names to be. Whether you choose this name because of the dwarf planet named Ceres, looking for something rather Celestial or into astrology and mythology, it's timeless regardless. It's so fresh and special and an underrated name.
Guess this is where the word cereal comes from!
I love this name. It sounds very feminine and soft. I prefer the soft sound of this because it sounds sweet and gentle to the harsh, common Sarah, or even the Biblical name Serah.
●Cerera is Belarusian and Lithuanian
●Cereso is Esperanto
●Siris is Filipino
●Tserera is Russian and Ukrainian.
Though this may not be a person, the smallest identified dwarf planet in our solar system and the only one located in the asteriod belt is named Ceres. It was discovered on January 1, 1801 by Giuseppe Piazzi.
In classical Latin, the C is always hard; additionally, the long e is an "ay" sound, as in "say". Therefore, since the last e is long, Ceres should be pronounced - if you want to be a purist about it - "ker-ays."
I think this name is absolutely beautiful, and exotic without being too far out-there. I imagine it's pronounced "SER-ays", with the long 'a' sound being quite soft. Very pretty.
In Latin, this name would have been pronounced as [ke'res], but in English it is rendered as [si:ris] due to a pronunciation shift that occured with the letter "c".

In late Latin times, however, this name may have been pronounced as [tʃe'res].
Ceres is the name of a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.
Ceres is pronounced SAIR-iss. SAIR pronounced like HAIR and ISS pronounced like HISS. It's a beautiful name!
On Sailor Moon, CereCere from the Amazon Quartet name is derived from it!
There is an anime called Ceres. Also, Ceres is Roman for the Greek goddess Demeter.
Ceres is where we get the word "cereal."
According to my mythology teacher, Ceres is pronounced like the English word "series." It's beautiful, and I think it would be a great name for a little girl.

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