No no no no no. No. This is so sad that anyone would want to name their daughter with this spelling. Carrie is much much better and if you don't like that you should go with Keri.
Aww, this is sweet, but I thought it was pronounced Sarey.
It’s pronounced like Kerry or Carrie— not like Serry or Surrey. Welsh names are beautiful but most Americans can’t pronounce them correctly.
Gender: Feminine, Masculine [noted -ed]Usage: Welsh, EnglishPronounced: KEH-ri (Welsh), KEHR-ee (English)Meaning: Derived from the Welsh word caru meaning "to love". It is also the Welsh feminine short form of CERIDWEN and English variant of KERRY.
My father was from Europe. I am 1st generation in the US for my family. My parents gave me the name Ceridwen named after a Welsh princess (Wales) from the 1800's. They called me Ceri (pronounced Kerri) - Ceri is the Welsh spelling for Kerri. I grew up in a country town - Woodstock, GA. I had to tell everybody how to pronounce my name. It was so aggravating growing up! Now I love it. Ceri.
I'm a Ceri, and I love the name. I'm a writer and storyteller, and I love the meaning and history of the name Ceridwen (and the diminuative Ceri).I've had many people mispronounce Ceri before, but it doesn't really bother me. Everyone I've met has been happy to pronounce it correctly once they know how. The most anyone has said is, "In English, c before e is soft", to which I answer that "Ceri" isn't an English name; it's a Welsh name and in Welsh "c" is ALWAYS hard.
The reason behind people naturally pronouncing "Ceri" as "sair-ee" is that in English, a "C" before an "E" is traditionally pronounced as an "S". I find it very hard to believe that so many people believe that others should be well brought-up in Welsh as to articulate it as "care-ee"/"KE-re", or the such.All in all, unless it is pronounced "sair-ee", I really am not a large fan of this diminutive... nor am I a fan of "Ceridwen", by any means.
This is my name; it's not bad being called Ceri, although if you say it aloud everyone thinks its spelled Kerry, and if you write it down people think your name is said SERRY.I've never met another person called Ceri - apparently this is important to parents, although I don't really understand why. It's not like I spent my childhood going, "Wow another day at school being the only kid called Ceri; what a freaking thrill".
Apparently my parents called me Ceri thinking it was short for Ceridwen. I always thought they were wrong, but now BTN tells me they were actually right after all. Sorry mum and dad!
I'm a Ceri. Before I lived in Wales, people often used to assume that it was pronounced "Seri". If it were actually said like that, I'd have to say that'd be a little tragic as my surname contains S's.
Despite always having to add "spelt the Welsh way" or "with a C" whenever people ask me my name, I quite like the spelling. It adds a quirky touch to what would otherwise be a not-very-unusual name.
I agree it can only be pronounced 'Kerry'. The Welsh 'C' is only ever pronounced 'K'. If you want your child to be named 'Serry', name them Serry. Not difficult.
My friend Ceri's pronunciation of the name is KERRY.
Being fluent in Welsh and having several Ceri's at the school which I attend, I would like to point out that Ceri can NOT be pronounced Serry - only like Kerry.
Ceri Sweeney is a rugby player for Newport Gwent Dragons and Wales' International Team.
I think that this is much prettier than the name Kerry, even though it's pronounced the same.
Inside Wales, a C is only a hard C, so it would never be anything other than 'Kerry'.
Also pronounced SAIR-ee or SER-ee.
Pronounced the same as 'Kerry'.

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