Cerys Matthews; lead singer of Catatonia (a Welsh band named for a medical state). She also has had solo success, for example dueting with Tom Jones.
caitb  1/16/2021
I adore this name! One of our daughters is named Keris. The reason it is spelt Keris is that I taught a girl named Keris and liked her so much, that I copied her name. Her mother had heard it used in a restaurant, and not knowing how to spell it, created the spelling. When my Keris was 2, we found out that it was meant to be spelt Cerys. I wish that we had changed it, but we decided not to. Our daughter is now almost 30 and has a more than unique name. I am going to let her know that her name means love. That will make her smile.
― Anonymous User  3/15/2017
My name is Cerys and I really like it because it is unique. However, I find that loads of people are incapable of pronouncing it. This really annoys me because the majority of people can say Carys, which is very similar. I do not particularly like the name Carys and it really annoys me to see that Cerys does not even have a description on this website, whereas Carys does.
Pancake Life  7/3/2015
It is not ever pronounced sair-iss. That is incorrect.
― Anonymous User  5/18/2015
In the Septimus Heap novels, this is the name of the last Queen, the mother of Princess Jenna.
― Anonymous User  6/2/2013
I love this name so much! The meaning "love" is so cute, and fabulous. I do find it kind of strange though that I adore this name so much, but I really dislike Carys.
gabbygrace1915  1/29/2011
I have heard this name said like SAIR-iss, and I like that pronunciation much more then KEH-riss.
― Anonymous User  1/29/2011
My name is Cerys, and although everyone always tells me how beautiful it is, it is not often easy for people to get it right. The amount of times I've been called Chris, Carys, Ceri, or Karissa is a little annoying. But I like the meaning behing it.
Cherry-Baby  7/2/2007
Beautiful name. Timeless and elegant.
Hola123  6/19/2007
I think it's beautiful, I love it.
Miles_thegirl  4/18/2007
I have a friend called Cerys. I think it is a beautiful name. If I have a daughter when I'm older, I'd like to call her Cerys.
little_sootball  1/19/2007
Cerys is pronnonced K-air-ris, it is Welsh for Love.
Anne67  3/26/2006
Cerys is pronounced cerris as in ferris (wheel).
doherty967  2/23/2005
Famous bearer: Cerys Matthews, a welsh singer who fronted the band Catitiona (named in honour of ex-Manchester United player Eric Cantona).
doherty967  2/23/2005

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