What a lovely name! When I think of the name Chantal, I picture someone wearing a dress.
Gorgeous name. Very friendly and elegant.
Pretty. I dislike all the other spellings.
Trashy sounding in the US, appropriate and probably beautiful if you live in France.
Chantal Claret (born February 21, 1982) is an American singer-songwriter who was the frontwoman for Morningwood.
This name is oddly pretty. It always reminds me of horses because it is similar to “cheval”, the French word for horse. This spelling is stronger and less frivolous than Chantelle.
Pretty harsh sounding.
Chantal is pretty enough as a name and it is much stronger and more serious than Chantelle.
Nice enough, but I don't like the meaning.
Chantal Andere is an Argentinean Mexican actress widely known for her usual casting as the villain in soap operas. She's the daughter of José Maria Fernandez Unsain, Argentinean playwright, film director and screenwriter who was "exiled to Mexico after the 1955 Revolución Libertadora, because of his cultural relationship with Eva Perón[2]"(Wikipedia) and actress Jacqueline Andere.
Chantal Routhier is a Canadian photographer with the name.
My name is Chantal, it is an honour to have this name... it represents my Dreams and in it is the meaning of Truth. If one cannot simply spell it and say it as it is pronounced (Shon tarl) then you do not see Truth as it is... to change it to an incorrect spelling of (Shan tel) is of a lazy mind.
CHANTAL means singing waters... The Flow to which all things replicate from... it is concise in its Purity and it is concise in its Origin.
I was told as a little girl my name Chantelle means Singer and Stony Place in french. I love my name! In 21 years I haven't met anyone else with my name, and I live in North Wales.
Chantal is the origin of my name, "Shawnteal". My mother (a flower child at heart) changed the spelling a great deal, and the pronunciation slightly, but it's recognisable. I used to dislike my name, but the older I become, the more I appreciate the uniqueness of it, as well as the sentimental connections it holds for my mom, and through her, myself. It isn't even close to being common place, but it is not outlandish, either. I hope if I ever have a daughter, I will be able to give her a similarly unique name with as much meaning, depth, and love.
The name Chantal was very popular in France during the 1950's and 60's, but is no longer a common name for baby girls. There are a lot of middle aged French women named Chantal. I like it though; it's not as bad as some names popular in America during that time.
I first encountered the name Chantal in a book years ago and have always thought it a beautiful and unusual name. I like the nickname Chani.
I like the name a lot. Chantal is a tomboy name that isn't unisex and it is a creative name.
What a gorgeous name!
Pronounced shan-TEL.
Wow. That's a lot of different pronunciations.
I have always liked the name Chantel more. I think there is more grace, elegance, and beauty to it.
This name makes me think of a porn star or a stripper.
Not exactly famous, but Chantal was the name of the runner-up in cycle nine of the TV show America's Next Top Model. That's where I first heard this name, and I think it's quite pretty.
Pronounced Shawn-tal.
Before our daughter was born. I bought books and researched the internet for unique names. I came across "Chantal" in the strangest ways. I was in contact with a very old gun manufacturer, Herstal, in Belgium, researching information about an antique hunting rifle, and the lady who replied to my e-mails was called Chantal. I wrote to her and told her that I loved her name and when she found out that we named our daughter Chantal -- she was very flattered. I was looking for a name that had an elegant sound "Ch" sound, that was unique and that was not being used by everyone. So we named our daughter "Chantal". Later on I discovered that there was a saint name Chantal -- St. Jeanne de Chantal. But that's not all. On August 6, 2005, we baptized our daughter and while the ceremony was being held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, in Anza, California, a tropical storm was brewing. Right after the ceremony we celebrated at home with family and friends. The tropical storm followed us home to Aguanga. We had 40-mph winds, lightening, thunder and showers like we had never seen before. Thus, we believe it was a message from God telling us that we better take care of Chantal. I never knew till two weekends ago that Chantal has a history of hurricanes and storms. On July 31, 2007, a tropical storm in the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda and Massacusetts, threatened the U. S. This tropical storm was Chantal.Our daughter's name is fit for her temperament and the whirlwind that we went through to give birth to her and the tropical storm on her baptism day. We love Chantal and everything that comes with the name! Virginia and Guy
A famous bearer is actress Chantal Poullain, she was born 17th August 1956, Marseille, France.
There is a singer named Chantal Chamandy, who is a Canadian of Greek and Lebanese decent and who was born in Alexandria, Egypt. I like this name a lot; it's very elegant.
Chantal is a very pretty name for a girl. I also like the spelling Chantelle.
That is my name and I love it. It is a pretty name and at the same time simple. I like how it is not popular but known enough to think of it as a strange name.
Chantal is one of the spider women in Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman, #5: A Doll's House" along with Zelda.
Chantal Berry is a not-terribly-famous singer, who left her (hideous and, thankfully, short-lived band Bardot) under tense circumstances, in the year 2000.
Chantal Kreviazuk is a famous Canadian singer.
Within the Catholic Church, Chantal is associated with St. Jeanne de Chantal.

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