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“Chantal” is a better spelling, “Chantelle” is too frilly.
― Anonymous User  10/11/2018
First off, the name is supposed to be Chantal, not Chantelle, and Chantal is pretty dated here in France. Chantelle is definitely a chav name - you can see her drinking Stella Artois on Jeremy Kyle with her son Tyson and her daughter Bailey.
Acajou  9/18/2016
Ew. Chantelle is such a chavvy name here in the UK... If people like this name because it ends in -elle then I suggest going for the name Rochelle instead...
― Anonymous User  2/28/2015
A popular name among Moroccan-Jews in Israel.
ArtPop  10/9/2012
Possibly the most chavvy name ever... It's a shame because it actually sounds nice :P
Marisa500  3/29/2012
This could roughly translate to "Does she sing (chante-t-elle)" in French.
bibi66  2/13/2009
I adore the sound of this name and the quiet elegance it portrays. I only know one Chantelle and she's lovely.
Ligeia  12/17/2007
Chantelle is pretty, but I MUCH prefer the name Chantal, and the pronunciation shawn-TAHL. I think Chantelle is a bit too girly.
― Anonymous User  9/4/2007
This is best suited for ditzy people. It's very common and chav-ish and dull. Plus, if you live in the UK, you'd be constantly compared to the bimbo Chantelle Houghton. Who'd want that?
Surreal  1/29/2007
I like this name a lot. It is my name and I've never wanted another. I think it suits me and I like this spelling the best.
Chantelle D  11/26/2006
Chantelle is such a pretty name.
― Anonymous User  9/29/2006
The name is so beautiful and should be ranked first.
channie786  7/17/2006
I always liked the name Chantelle and prefer this spelling the best, it looks so feminine. This name is definitely not an overused name or a fad name which is nice.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2006
I would like to advise you the name CHANTELLE has another meaning to it. It also means "unknown fire" in French.
cc346  9/7/2005

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