This is my middle name, though my mom had it spelled Sharice. I like it. When I was a kid, I wished she had spelled it the original way because I'm a fan of classic names and traditional spellings, but she explained she felt the S was softer, more feminine, and prettier to write in cursive than a C.
Cyd Charisse's surname came from her first husband, Nicholas "Nico" Charisse. Charisse seems to have been "Franco-ization" of his family's former surname Charissi. They were from Greece originally. However, his mother Calliope Charissi was a famous dancer herself and I think there is a possibility that even "Charissi" was not the family's original surname but was an invented stage name back in Greece, based on "charis". As a surname in modern Greece Charissi seems to be quite rare, though there is an Athina Charissi who is a Doctor of Education at the University of Ioannina:

(scroll down to page 7 on the reference above)
I chose the name for my daughter from the word Charisma, relating to the charismatic movement in the Christian Church.
We pronounce the word "CHA" like the first part of Character and "RISSE" where E is silent. (Cha riss ).

She loves her name. :)
Means "Kind, graceful, pretty".
I've heard that this name is a French version of the Greek name "Charis", which means "grace, kindness" from the Greek word χαρις (charis). I've seen this on,,,, and, so I'm pretty sure this could be correct.
Variant: Carisse (Cah-REES).
My wife, born in 1969, spells her name Sherice. It seems to have been more popular in the Southern region of the U.S. and is more frequently, I believe, found among African American peoples than otherwise.
Cyd Charisse died in 2008, so the dates would probably be need to be updated. [noted -ed]

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