My name is Charity, and while I thought it was really weird when I was younger, I don't really mind it now (other than the fact that my friends insist on torturing me with the nickname "Char Char" (pronounced like chair)). I go by CJ instead though, because Charity is just a little too feminine for me, but I still let some people call me that.
If you want your kid to suffer with name puns their whole life, then go for it lol.
I've heard “For a girl named Charity you would think you would be more giving”
“Let’s donate to Charity”
And then a bunch of people associating me with chairs smh.
The main character of Edith Wharton's novel, Summer, was Charity Royall.
Hideous. One of my least favourite names.
My name is Charity Tidyman and I'm strong and loving at the said time.
I think Charity is a very nice name. I think it would fit either gender, but I especially like it for a girl. It's a very sweet yet strong virtuous name, but it doesn't sound too old-fashioned, either (not that old-fashioned names are bad, just that most virtue names tend to be vintage). I love this name.
Beautiful name, I imagine Charity being a refined young lady, Probably inside sewing or reading a book right now in her nice little house with her baby girl.
Okay, this name grew on me. It is rather pretty, but a little weird as a name.
The Mary Downing Hahn book makes me think of a bratty little girl.
Charity Barnum, wife of PT Barnum in "The Greatest Showman"!
My name is Charity Anne.
My mom always told me Charity is the purest love of all and I have an e on the end of my middle name for extra special. I absolutely love my name I have three boys, but had I had a daughter I would have named her Charity.
And I love that I found this group because I hardly ever meet anyone with my name.. hello to all my Charity sisters.
I love this name!
Charity Barnum was the wife of American show business owner P.T. Barnum and a character in the 2017 film The Greatest Showman.
Ummm... When I heard this name I was a bit like “What, is that really a name”? Because my BFF named her baby girl that, I was a bit confused at first but then I got over it and thought it was pretty.
Then I went to do a bit more research on this name and found out the meaning was something to do with “Love”. Which made me like it a bit more.
So I discussed this with my husband and his mum was called Cherry which my husband really liked and he wanted to honour his Mum with the name Charity.
We decided it was the name for our baby girl! We had to choose a good middle name though and that was pretty easy!
As my husband had honoured his mum it was my turn to honour my mum using her name Rose as our baby girl's middle name!
Charity Rose! Then my little Charity grew up to be beautiful and her name suited her so well! She has short pretty blond hair and shimmering blue eyes!
Now I have grown to love this name!

Charity Lilly
Charity Leah
Charity Olivia
Charity Nicole.
I would hold a Charity to get Miss Charity a better name.
In 2018, 35 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Charity who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 112th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
My name is Charity and I LOVE IT! Its meaning (love) is powerful and conquers all things! I feel blessed to have the name and most definitely keeps me focused on being a better person every time I hear it!
I wish I could disassociate the name Charity from the Broadway musical and Hollywood movie Sweet Charity. Charity was a not-very-bright prostitute and "dime a dance" dance partner whose job it was to get men to order expensive drinks in between paying to dance with her. She was gullible which made it so easy for men to use her. She was a kind hearted sweet woman who just wanted to be loved. I just remember her as rather pathetic I'm sorry to say.
So sweet!
I have this name. Charity is somewhat of a normal name but it's not at the same time. I'm hardly called by my first name but instead I'm called by my middle name. If I'm not being called by my middle name, I'm called by my nickname 'Charbear'. As a bearer of this name, I've lead a pretty normal life with it. Most people pronounce it 'Chair a dee' but it's actually pronounced 'Chair-i-tee.' Well, that is how I pronounce it. I'm actually named after one of my ancestors. Although, it's not a name I would give it to a child of mine. However, it's nice being the only Charity in class. My first name is just as uncommon as my last. However, my middle name 'Grace' is quite normal. I hope you find my comment useful if you plan on using this as a name! I hardly ever get my name mistaken nor do I have to compete with others who have my same name for the title of alpha.
Honestly a gorgeous name and a gorgeous concept.
I named my daughter Charity. Back before ultra/sona grams. I was so huge and twins ran heavy in my family I just knew I was having 2. But instead, ended up with a big beautiful healthy daughter. As I lay in my bed staring at her, I believe the Lord spoke to me. I knew I was supposed to name her Charity. It's a beautiful name.
Just named my daughter Charity... I really love this name.
The name Charity was given to 202 girls born in the US in 2015.
First recorded use was in England in 1540.
Charity is my name and I really love it. I think it's a very pretty name and I have received numerous compliments on it over my whole lifetime.
There aren't too many others with the name around me. Whenever I meet another Charity, I feel a little bit shocked! :)
It's a very nice, sweet name; however, it makes me think of Charity shops, Charity workers, etc. Not necessarily a bad thing, but still, it seems a bit odd.
Having the name Charity always gets attention. When I was born, my mom wanted to name me something that no one else had in school. So she named me Charity Hope... yes... Charity Hope. Most people say I'm a flower child, but I do love my name. I live in Ky where obviously people do not take the time to pronounce your name correctly. For example... it's NOT "Chair-I-dee" it's "Chair-I-Tee"... Secondly, it's not Courtney, Chasity, Caitlyn... It's C-H-A-R-I-T-Y! LOL! I have such a hard time with people NOT calling me the right name, but in all honesty I'm always getting told that it is a gorgeous name. I've also had the ones that ask if they could have some Charity... lol! I worked as a collections agent for credit cards, and having the name Charity is absolutely ironic because of the comments people had. Some people say that names affect the person. Charity means love. Hope is, well, hope. I absolutely LOVE... I love with all my heart. I am soft hearted. Having the name Hope, kind of sucks, because I am always HOPEFUL! I should have just been named Charity Faith... so I'll have the faith. Lol! I give people the benefit of the doubt all the time! Sometimes it's good, sometimes bad. But to name your child this, and with me actually having 26 years of experience with this name, I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm my little "Flower Child" my mom had, and she done a wonderful job choosing it for me. :)
I love this name, it is unique without being too "weird". I think a good middle name for this would be "Beth", or maybe "Louise".
Charity was the youngest daughter of Sophia the Martyr. Charity and her two sisters (Hope and Faith) were martyred saints.
I love most of the puritan names, but this one is just too cheeky and it reminds me of the lies of many of today's charities, definitely not on my list, which is sad because it was so pretty back in the 17th century.
This is a beautiful name for a young girl.
I really like this! It's pretty!
Why not use this name? :) It's a sweet name and it is--most of all--HOPEFUL. Sure that person may not live up to their name completely, but do any of us really? My name means "worthy of love," but I definitely don't feel that way sometimes. The name Charity is inspiring and I think you will be speaking blessing on your child whenever you speak their name. Isn't that also important in a name? It's also refreshing when comparing it to many of the more popular names today. I personally wouldn't mind using it one day, in honor of my mom, Cheryl, as the two names look a little alike. I don't know. I think it might be cute. :)
I really want to name my daughter this. It does sound a bit old-fashioned, but it's pretty enough to make up for that, and you won't have to worry about six other kids in the class with the same name.
A famous bearer of this name is Charity Dingle, from the UK soap drama Emmerdale, played by Emma Atkins. :)
It sounds a little weird at the beginning, but then you understand it's a very beautiful name.
I know a lady that goes to my church in her mid 20's that has this name, it's very pretty, easy to spell, and it suits her well. It's also very dignified, but not too common. Her niece calls her "Aunt T", and being rednecks from Mississippi it's pretty much pronounced "AINT TEE".
My name is Charity and I love it! My mom felt it on her heart from God to name me Charity. It basically means love. I always have my name to live up to! =D
"Charity" is one of the tree theological virtues, with faith and hope. The Greek word "agape" (ἀγάπη), translated by "love" or "Charity", refers to a strong love (for one's child or spouse, for example). Since Charity is now a synonym of generosity (but it formerly meant "love"), the three virtues are more often said to be faith, hope, and love.
This name had better suit the bearer's personality by chance. The name is somewhat maudlin, and it sounds quite strange as a name.
"Sweet Charity" is a popular musical, first appearing on Broadway in 1966 and the West End in 1967. The musical revolves around Charity Hope Valentine, a dance hall hostess. Three actresses have received Tony Award nominations for the role: Gwen Verdon (1966), Debbie Allan (1988), and Christina Applegate (2005). In the 1969 film adaption, the character was portrayed by Shirley MacLaine, who received a Golden Globe nomination for the role.
I think that the word is still too commonly used to be a good name. Also, I immediately associate it with the phrase "Charity Case".
A famous bearer is Charity Shea who plays Samantha Best on The Best Years.
It's a cool name, but it sounds pretty.
In the novel Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Charity Burbage is the (former) Muggle Studies teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
The main character in the musical Sweet Charity is named Charity. It is a very good play and Charity is a very sweet girl.
I think Charity is pushing it a bit.
Charity Standish is the name of a character played by Molly Stanton in the TV-Series "Passions".
In the King James Version of the Bible, the word charity is used instead of love.
I don't think it should be used as a name, especially if a person with this name was selfish and didn't give money to charity.
This name is both pretty and has meaning. I like this name.
You pronounce my name chair-it-ee!
I think that the name has such a wonderful meaning to it. It's not the typical name for someone to give their child since it has nothing special about how it sounds, but I think that the meaning is what really matters in this case.
Perhaps from the ancient Greek name "Charito". In ancient Greece, Charito was a very famous for her beauty "Hetaira".

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