Charlemagne (Charley) Reese is the main character in Wish.
Sounds rather pretentious and looks like a name for some sort of fancy wine.

Edit: Ha, it actually is the name of a wine.
Too long, outlandish, and over the top.
I grew up with Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw and there's a female character in there bearing this name. I cannot see the name as masculine despite its history.
Good name for a pet but like Cleopatra and Napoleon it should be otherwise relegated to human history. Period.
Too pretentious for a real person.
Very French and exquisite. It sounds like champagne.
Charlemagne is a really cool name. I think it sounds handsome and very classy. :)
Whew! This would be a mouthful on the playground, unless you shorten it to Charley or Charles. Only the most devoted historian would choose this, unless you want a seriously unusual name.
I think this is a great handle. My middle name is Charles, and if I ever have a son, I'm going to name him Charlemagne and call him Charley(man) : ]
Whenever I look at this name, I see "mange", a disease my dog had that is a form of skin cancer.
I think this name sounds cool but I'd never name a person that.
I personally love this name. I would never name my child this, but I love how it looks and saying it is so much fun. I think it is a beautiful name.
My friend's last name. It sounds better as a last name.
It sounds like the name of a lion. Interesting history, but please don't name your child Charlemagne.

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