Another nickname is Harley.
Usage: Swedish, English, German

Pronounced: sha-LUWT-ta (Swedish), shahr-LAHT-ə (English)
Also Icelandic.
Pronounced shah-LOT-ah in Swedish.
Much cooler than Charlotte.
It´s also the Czech and Slovak form.
Nicknames: Charla, Charlin, Lotta, Lotty, Lotka.
Name Day: 27th October (in the Czechia).
Charlotta is a gorgeous, classy, and strong name possessing rich history. I'm pleased to find it listed here.
I think it is unprecise to call the name Scandinavian. It would be better to narrow it down and call it Swedish. In Denmark Charlotte is used. [noted -ed]
Lotta is the common pet name in Sweden.
Charlotta Swanson was the name of my great, great grandmother, who was born in Sweden. I think this name is very elegant sounding! I like it very much, and might use it if I ever have a daughter.

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