I kind of think it should be pronounced Cherry, because it would get mispronounced like crazy!
It sounds too French in my opinion. Why not instead use Cher or Cherette? Or Cherry?
I am born a Cheryl; an anglicized version of Cherie which is French. The name is French for god sakes, not English. Missing an accent over a letter means nothing.
It's my birth name, and as an American, I hate it. It constantly gets mispronounced as being like "Sherry" or worse, "Cherry". Or, when people have to write my name down, they get the spelling wrong. I find it to be overly-feminine (which doesn't suit me at all), a little cutesy, and a little pretentious. Use it as a middle name if you must, but if you don't want to force your child to spend their entire life correcting the pronunciation of their name, please don't make this their first name.
Cherie (but I prefer it with the original é) is short, sweet and soft with a positive meaning!
Very rich and red, like cherry and sherry.
Really pretty and charming.
Caroline Cherie is my mother's name. She was born in Tours, France in 1961. A beautiful name for a beautiful woman.
My name is Cherie, I truly love it. The spelling and saying sounds unique. And to top it off the meaning PERFECT!
I would just like to comment that Cherie can be spelt Cheree and I often see Sheree. Born in 1986, my daughter Cheree had a Cherie in her class.
The name Cherie was given to 19 girls born in the US in 2015.
My name is Cherie and I love it. To me it is very feminine. I am French, and no one in Paris has ever made fun of my name. That never happens. I've had lot's of compliments throughout the years regarding my name. Thank you Mom for naming me Cherie!
Cherie curie, is a famous singer in the Runaways and was portray by Dakota Fanning in the biopic called the Runaways.
I don't like this variant of Sherry. This is because it happens to be the French word for "darling". People in France would find this woman's name to be amusing. It looks rather strange using a word in another language as a name.
There is a model called My-Cherie.
This is a French word. Chéri (male)/chérie (female) means "darling/honey/love" and is used as a term of affection only. Not as a name. I hope if you name your child this she'll never go to France on a student exchange or something. People would make fun of her. This name sounds really uneducated and weird to someone who speaks French (like myself). Just wanted to let you know. It's pronounced shay-REE (kind of, a bit hard to describe) and the accent is on the first E. If you put it on the last (as I have seen people doing it) it would be pronounced shay-ree-AY which is just weird. It's Chérie, not Cherié! No matter how you spell it it's just weird and kind of embarrassing.
It comes off as a bit pretentious, yet cutesy to me. With this spelling, I'd say you should use the French pronunciation, but that's when it sounds pretentious and cutesy. And the name reminds me of Cherie Blair. I'd like to think of someone more respectable when hearing a name. I find the name annoying anyway.
I like the name Cherie, I dunno why. I have a friend called Cherie and she uses the nickname Cherri or Cherry. You know what I mean!
Californian actress and singer Cherie Currie is a famous bearer of this name.
My sister's name! No Jessica, no Priya, no Ashley, just Cherie. I love this name.
Cherie Blair is the wife of British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
Cherie was Marilyn Monroe's character in Bus Stop.
Cherie Benett is a children's author with curly blonde hair.

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