I disagree with Curious me. Cherilyn is a very pretty name, and it isn’t ruined. True, SOME names are ruined by adding the -lyn suffix, but not this!
Trailer park trash. What's with this idiotic trend of adding “lyn” to perfectly good names?
Beautiful, and no one is going to assume she was named after the singer.
Lately, the USA has experienced an odd trend involving random names with -lyn as an added suffix. A pity, because Lynn alone is quite a lovely name. Cherilyn, to me, resembles a combination of the fruit Cherry and this overused -lyn suffix. What's next, Applelyn?
Cherilyn sounds like a modern version of Cheryl. I think I prefer Cherilyn as it is more unique and pretty.
I like this name, but it sounds so Fifties, if it didn't immediately bring to mind Cher.
It's a pretty name, very feminine, but not one of those highly elegant names. It doesn't have to be, though. At least it isn't trashy or immature. I prefer the spelling Sherilyn, though, simply because pronouncing a name with the ''ch'' spelling with a ''sh'' pronunciation seems quite pretentious and dated to me. The name is used in the US, not France, after all!
This is Cher's real first name.

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