Much better than the other anglicized spellings, but it's still pretty tacky. I'd just go with Siobhan, even if it will get misspelled and mispronounced.
someone-  6/29/2020
My daughter's name is Chevonne and when I told my parents the original spelling Siobhan they kept pronouncing it Seoban do I think this is a great option so people don't have a difficult time with pronouncing the name.
― Anonymous User  4/1/2018
I'm sorry, but this name makes the parents of the person who bears it look extremely ignorant. It looks like they heard the name Siobhan, liked it, but couldn't be bothered to track down the real spelling and made up their own. Siobhan is a fairly obviously Irish name, so if you're trying to use an Irish name, why not use an Irish spelling? Maybe people won't be able to pronounce it properly until you tell them, and I know that's annoying from experience, but it's authentic and much, much classier.
kvpp88  10/5/2014
I really like this name. It's close to my mum's name (which is Chyvonne, which isn't on this site because of how uncommon the spelling is). I think it's a nice name and I don't think people should be complaining about the spelling of names so much. People change the spelling of names all the time and have every right to change it if they are going to use it on THEIR children/characters. The spelling of the name doesn't matter, this is a great name and if you want to use it you should, and you should spell it however you want to.
10madi01  10/1/2009
I know this is the wrong spelling of the name, but I think spelling it like this will help people who have difficulty pronouncing Irish names when they see them spelled in the original way.
― Anonymous User  12/22/2008
Ugh! Use the real spelling, or use a different name! Go with Joan, the same name in English, or Jeanne, the French version, if you aren't willing to use a spelling that uses non-English pronunciation. If you use this horrific spelling, don't be surprised if people assume you named your daughter after the Chevron gasoline company instead!
FreedomsPaladin  7/3/2008
My god. Who ever decided to put this name on this website? If you don't want to use the original Irish spelling, why even bother to name your kid/character/whatever you're naming this name? It is a slap in the face to my beautiful native language.
― Anonymous User  5/12/2008
I hate this spelling of Siobhán; we learned to say and spell "Schwarzenegger", didn't we? This is a butchering and disrespect of a language and of a beautiful name.
gaelruadh19  1/19/2007
Uuugh. If you can't spell Siobhan, why use this name? It's like naming someone Margaret and spell it Maargurett.
Caprice  12/22/2006
Agree. I don't think anyone intended to offend Irish people with this spelling--sometimes they just need a different spelling so that it'd be easier to pronounce. *shrugs* With that being said, I really like this name, as well as the original. =) I myself personally would use the original spelling, though.
CanadianChibi  4/29/2009
I like Siobhan better.
bellaboo  11/12/2006
Chevonne is a very beautiful elegant name.
― Anonymous User  10/7/2006

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