My name is Cheyanne and I get bullied for it but it truly is a beautiful/unique name. And by the way if the parent wants to name their child Cheyenne and they want an "a" instead of an "e" then it's not spelt incorrectly. It's how they wanted to name their child. And the craziest thing is that a 12 year old is writing this and not a 35 year old woman. But I love reading the positives and negative comments of my name! So have a nice day.
I honestly believe the name Cheyanne is cheap and trashy..-.
Personally I think that calling your child the name of a nationality spelt incorrectly is disrespectful to that people. The Native American tribe is called Cheyenne, not Cheyanne. The -anne ending might make it look like a feminine name, but if anyone starting spelling the name of my own country, Ireland, "Irelyn", I wouldn't be too amused.
Sweet and youthful-sounding in my opinion. =)
I like this name. I'm going to name one of my future baby girls this. Except I'll probably spell it differently because I can never remember how to spell it properly.

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