This is my favorite African name I have ever heard of. It's nice and simple, and it has a unique sound.
― Anonymous User  3/11/2020
The name Chioma means more than just "good God", which is the literal translation. Literarily, it means someone that is "lucky" or "favoured". It originates from an Igbo expression, which translates to "you have good God". When you bear "Chioma" as a name, it means you are "a carrier of a good God", implying that things go well with you wherever you go.
ChyObasi  4/26/2011
The meaning is kind of blasphemous in English.
Hushpuppy  2/12/2009
I feel CHIOMA can still stand for Favor or Goodluck since it is an Igbo name and "Chi" can still stand for luck and "Oma" good which means a luck for good, in the other way "Good luck" and good luck also means favor.
― Anonymous User  2/22/2007
The name 'Chioma' actually originated from the pre-colonial/Christian Igbo (Eastern Nigeria) society where it was believed that each individual has a personal 'god' that guides him or her. It was believed that some people have bad 'chis' (gods) for example people who die young or people who meet with some form of tragedy in their lifetime. Others were believed to have good 'chis' like those who seem to glide through life without misfortunes. The name 'Chioma' was given as a way of praying for 'good luck' so to say for the new born baby.
chyike  12/6/2006
Chioma can also be used for men, I know, I am one, and my name is Chioma.
Chioma  10/29/2006
'CHIOMA' literally means good God. But refering to the ancient meaning of 'Chi' as 'luck', 'destiny' or 'personal god' and 'oma' meaning 'good', 'Chioma' could also mean 'good luck', 'good destiny' or 'good personal god'.
chomie3  8/9/2005

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