Very pretty and feminine, sounds sparkly haha. Unfortunately it’s sooo overused and became boring.
Young African-American political commentator and vlogger Chloé Simone Valdary - what a beautiful combination of names she has!
My name is Chloé, but I don't like it like other people. The reason for this is: it doesn't suit my personality. I am mature and most people find it youthful. It is a beautiful and special name for suitable wearers who are confident. Unfortunately I am not one of them. Because I live in Germany, some people teased me with "Klo", which means toilet. But it's a nifty name in France and in English-speaking countries.
Queen Bee from Miraculous Ladybug, anyone? Not the biggest fan of the character, but I do like the name.
My name is Chloe. It's a nice name and my middle name is Chloe. My real name is Artic, I hate it a lot.
There's nothing wrong with the name Chloe, at least not yet, because my name is Chloe, my friends at school do call me Coco a lot just because of the first part of the name. But anyways, I love being called coco by my friends and I think it suits to be the nickname of Chloe.
Chloé Bourgeois is a recurring character in Miraculous, les aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir (English: Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir).
Let me guess, Miraculous Ladybug? Didn’t like Chloé in that show but this seems really pretty, though I prefer plain and down-to-earth Chloe.
Chloé de Launay is the girlfriend of French professional footballer of Algerian descent, Karim Benzema.
First time I heard this name, I was watching a TV show with a stuck-up, bratty, rich-girl character named Chloé and it has officially left a bad impression on me.
I'm surprised this name is becoming really popular, and actually I'm pretty sad about it. That being said, I love my name. When I was teenager, yeah, not so much, but I've learned to love it. My parents chose it because there are barely any nicknames for it. But of course an old family friend came up with two, "Clover, and CloClo" but they never really stuck. My parents chose my name because of how unique it is. I really don't want my name to become like 'Jessica' or 'Sally', both names I like, but they are so popular. I know over ten Jessicas. But while I'm not wanting my name to become more mainstream, I don't want it to because of my mother. My parents couldn't have children so they adopted me, and they made sure to give me a special, unique name. That being said, I still want my parents to feel like they really did pick a special name. In my experience though, I've never really met another Chloé.
This name is really trendy where I live, but I like it anyway. I've got a niece named Chloé. She's got at least four friends named Chloé as well - that shows how common it is here.
Dr Evil's mum (in the Austin Powers movies) was a '15-year old French prostitute named Chloé with webbed feet'.
This name is just as trendy in France as it is in English speaking countries. It has only been in use in France since the 1970's, and its popularity skyrocketed in the 90's. It is very unlikely that you'll come across a Chloé over the age of 30.
Chloé is pronounced klo-AY in French, (The _ay_ sound is shorter than it would be said in English.) Chloé, and the spelling Cloé, are currently very popular names in France. In 2009, Chloé ranked at #4 in the most popular names given to baby girls. [noted -ed]
Beautiful name! LOVE IT!
I love the French form, and prefer it over the American pronunciation. Chloe for many sounds too cutesy, and reminds people of dogs, but Chloe (with an accent) sounds more sophisticated. I love the Chlo sound but I'm not wild about the e sound at the end, so I prefer Chlo-ay.
I love Chloe pronounced Klo - AY.
Chloe is the name of the French fashion house and its perfume.
I've always heard it pronounced kloh-AY.
Daphnis et Chloé is a ballet with music by Maurice Ravel.

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