Christel Martina Sundberg (known as Chisu) is a popular Finnish singer. She's also part of a duo Roosberg who have created the theme song for The Moomin Valley.
The standard Polish form of this name is Krystyna, but, quite surprisingly for me, there are also some women in Poland with the first name of Christel. Namely, in January of this year, 59 women with this first name were recorded. 43 women had it as a middle name. However Christel didn't rank as a baby name in Poland last year. I think a Christel could celebrate her Polish name day together with Krystyna (13th March, 24th July), or perhaps Krystian (4th December), or maybe even Krzysztof (25th July, 31st October).
This is the closest spelling I have found to my own name. I am of German-English descent but many generations have been in North America. I pronounce it the same as Crystal. It has been mistaken for a man's name and a surname and is rarely spelled correctly by others even when they have been given the correct spelling beforehand. For many years I went by Chris. Some members of my family call me Chrissy. I now use Christol 99% of the time. My parents gave me a good strong name that I am proud of.
I like this name. It's subtle and feminine, but also strong. Though I prefer the form Christelle, or Chrystelle.
In Norway, it's pronounced KREE-stel.
Christel Alsos is a Norwegian singer.
This is the real first name of Chisu (a Finnish popstar). Her full name is Christel Martina Sundberg.
This name is also commonly used in The Netherlands.
The German pronunciation is KRIS-tel. [noted -ed]
Personally, I prefer it spelt (and pronounced) "Christelle".
Actress Markéta Hrubešová & photographer David Kraus have a daughter Christel (2005).
Christel is a name that is beautiful yet subtle, elegantly simple but still enchanting. Children and teachers will constantly call your daughter "Crystal" and frat boys will think they are original when they reference the $300 champagne. Just assure your daughter her name is as special as she is, but she may not appreciate it until she's grown into it.

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