Very funny.
Oh, beautiful! I'm always looking for names that mean "chrysanthemum", because they are one of my favourite flowers, but Chrysanthemum it would seem crazy as a name. Chrysanta is the answer. It's gorgeous, elegant, intriguing, uncommon and sophisticated. And sounds a bit spunky and unconventional. I like how it means "golden flower". Though I prefer it spelt Chrysantha, because it reflects the spelling of the flower more. Because I'm Irish I pronounce them the same. I think chrysanthemums are beautiful, and they have so much symbolism and culture, which appeals to me. In Japan, they are the symbol of the Emperor - the imperial crest is a chrysanthemum. But in France, they represent death and are used as grave flowers, which is a cool contrast. (That probably sounds twisted.) They also reminds me Zhang Yimou's amazing movie "Curse of the Golden Flower", starring the beautiful Gong Li, which involves the Chrysanthemum Festival in China. I love Chrysantha!
This name becomes so beautiful when it is spelled Chrysantha instead of Chrysanta. You hear so many girls named after flowers like Lily, Daisy, and even Magnolia but never the Chrysanthemum. It has such cool flower meanings too--while meaning death to some countries it means immortality and happiness to others. You could even give it the nickname of Chrysa, which to me sounds absolutely adorable. This is a very underappreciated name that I adore.
I like Chrysantha a little better.
In ancient Greece, Chrysanthemis was the sister of Electra. Also in use was the names Chrysanthis (f), Chrysanthios (m), a neoplatonic philosopher.

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