Crystal is lovely, but this is not.

It looks like you didn't know it was also a word and tried to spell it like a variant of Christine or something.

Crystal is much better.
Pointless "h". It's alright I guess. I prefer this over Crystal.
The meaning is pure. It is pure Christ like in the Bible. The h left in goes all the way back to Greek then to German history. My grandmother's name was Chrystal and it was given to a person in my family as well way before she was deceased. The h was left in because this is the way it was spelled from the ancestors, somewhere in history people started dropping the h therefore the h was dropped out but in the beginning this name began with the h.
Yes, I love my name as well.
This version of Crystal is usually a family name, the extra "h" as you put it is a thing of tradition or respect for an elder/diseased relative.
I'm not so convinced it's for deceased or elder relatives in all cases - the two Chrystals I met were just called this as a variant of Crystal. Maybe in some, like if the elder in question was called Christina or Christopher. I think it's influenced by basically any name you would put the nickname "Chris" to.
Great name, but why the extra 'H'? It's a bit pointless, and it'll only be misspelled.
Someday I would like to name my daughter this, but I would consider spelling it Christyl.
Chrystal is a wonderful name I believe.
Well... I like my name. It is very close to Christopher which means bearer of Christ.

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