My favourite Irish name I would definitely use it - Cillian Wyatt Joseph popped into my head as a good suggestion.
Cillian is our choice for a boys name. My husband is Irish and he suggested it. I think it's a great name.
Character Killian Jones from Once Upon A Time. Also known as Captain Hook, the first time we see him is at S02E04: The Crocodile.
The name Cillian was given to 121 boys born in the US in 2015.
"Elegant but still masculine" is a great way to describe this name! This is a true unique name - It's just plain cool.
I really do like this name: I tend to prefer Irish names anyway, being Irish myself, but this one stands out to me. It's elegant but still masculine. :)I'd also like to correct the above comment: it's not *really* pronounced "kil-yan" in Irish, but it might sound that way in some Irish accents. :) "KIL-ee-an" is correct.
Ugh to the above. That's unforgivable. Nice name.
First off, ugh to the person who said "ugh" and used a word like "unforgivable" to describe a name. Like it matters enough to even warrant such a colorful description. It's funny how the feminists (who are ALL about women having everything men have) are the ones who tend to insist that girls not be given boys names. Makes no sense to me - I'm a woman with a boys name and I looooove my name, it's fabulous - but to each their own.Anyway, I really like this name. It's interesting without being crazy and unpronounceable, and has a strong sound to it.
I know a Killian who is a girl, I think it's a lovely girl's name, it was chosen as a variant of her grandmother's name, Gillian. In Irish it's pronounced kil-yan.
Pronounced Kill-ee-in.
My name is Cillian. I used to be ashamed of my name due to mockery and popularity. Now I am 17, I have overcame my disliking towards it. It has a great history (St. Kilian) and stands as a lovely, Gaelic name. Cillian Murphy is also a bearer of this name. Since I have heard of him and seen him star in his movies, I began to like it. I am very proud of my name
Name of actor Cillian Murphy, who acts in the movies Girl with a Pearl Earring and Batman Begins.
I would like to add that Cillian Murphy also starred in another movie called 28 Days Later.

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