This name could mean "defending light" or "defender from Kynthos".

Cindy is a diminutive of Lucinda ("light") and Cynthia ("woman from Kynthos"). And Sandra means "defending men".
Just awful.
I like it. For those insulting it because it sounds like cinders, well "Ashley" has "ash" in it, which is equivalent to "Cinder," but Ashley has gotten plenty of usage, and no one thinks of ashes when they hear it! Robert has "robber" in it, but no one thinks of that either! Cindra is a pretty name. I also like Candra or Kandra.
Uh... I guess your opinions are okay? I don't really care. Question though: How did you find this name? I mean do you have someone who's name is Cindra close to you? Just wondering. I mean, it's my name. By the way, I guess I do have problems with people taking me seriously but I don't think my name has to do with it.
Sorry you all have such a problem with this name. I have had many compliments over the years about how pretty my name is. And believe me when I say, I don't have any problem with people taking me seriously.
I find this name to be very ugly. Most name smushes don't work. This makes me think of "cinders". Like the name Cinderella, someone named Cindra will have problems being taken seriously.
I don't like it. It sounds like 'syndrome'.
You might as well name your child Cinder, which sounds a lot better (to me).
It sounds awful. Please, no name fusions. They're most likely going to sound harsh and tacky.
Why would anyone want to put together two of the most annoying names in America?!
"Cindra" reminds of "Cinderella".

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