My name is Cindy, short for Cynthia, named after my aunt who was born in the 1950s. I always thought it was strange to have a French nickname for a Greek name. I've heard it's also short for Cinderella. I was the only Cindy/Cynthia in my entire school district growing up. Often when I introduce myself to someone they will say "that's my mom's name!"
I'm not fond of this one. It's a bit childish, and not one of my favorite fairy names.
Cindy doesn't sound too outdated to me. I think it would be a refreshing name to give to a girl now.
Here's a meaning no one ever thought the Bible, God made Lucifer, the angel of light, chief over all angels, to cover His throne. Lucifer was made perfect in beauty, his voice was like beautiful music, he was perfect in every way, till iniquity (sin) was found in him, pride. He thought he was better than his Creator. So he was cast out of heaven with 1/3 of the angels who followed him. His name was changed to Satan,the accuser. But Cindy, from Lucinda, from Lucifer, does mean light, light bearer, and surprise! Bet you didn't know Satan started out nice.
I always think of Cindy Brady, a fictional character on the 60's TV series The Brady Bunch.
Cindy Stone in the video game Ace Attorney. She was the first ever victim.
I love it. It sounds like a strong, independent woman.
Cindy is such a cute and pretty name, and who doesn't like "light" as a meaning? Would totally recommend this name to future baby parents.
This is a name for the popular girl from the 80s and 90s! Cindy Crawford and Cindy Mancini from the movie "Can't Buy Me Love" are great examples!
Cindy Moon AKA Silk from the Marvel Comics.
A really cute name and "light" is a beautiful meaning.
Cindy was popular name in France in 1970s-1990s.
Oh, it's a lovely name. And it works very well both as a nickname or as a full name. I don't know why, but I always imagine a blonde Cindy, never a brunette. But yes, I see it as a simple, cheerful and charming name. And I like the name Lucinda. Cindy can be a cute nickname.
I'm a classic, classy chassis'58 model Cindy. All Cindy's are 100% original. Cindys are exceedingly rare & highly prized by their friends. Not surprisingly, a Cindy's friends have exceptionally good taste! Imagine that! Lol Thanks to all you super people who like & defend the name Cindy and/or love a Cindy! Your support CINDS me over the moon & by the way, Cindy is also said to have derived from the moon or Luna, bet that's for our lovely Lucindas. I'm just a simple Cindy, my 2 brothers named me. I'm also a leftie, was a blonde Tomboy sporting a ponytail I could sit on! I was very athletic,a full scholarshipped trumpet player, not a cheerleader, BUT by the way, what is you nasty Nancy's beef with being an ATHLETIC, pretty, wholesome, confident, popular girl with grades good enough to be on the squad & working their butts off? Named Cindy? Sounds like some of y'all be a wee bit jelly! Bet your high school crush had a Cindy or your ex hubby upgraded you for a Cindy! JK! LIGHTEN UP! Cindy's are usually forever young, have a great sense of humor & are highly intelligent, friendly and easy going, A loyal lot full of fun and love just about everyone that treats them as they would like to be treated themselves! Peace y'all!
Cindy could be used as a nickname for Millicent, Jacinta and Hyacinth.
My best friend's girlfriend is named Cindy. They will have a daughter soon and are planning to also name her Cindy, like her mom. :)
It’s okay. I like Cynthia better. Cindy and all its variants like Cindi, Cyndee, Cyndi bring to mind either a cute little girl or a ditzy cheerleader type.
Cindy is far too generic! Why not spice things up with other spellings? Ex: Cyndi.
My girlfriend is Lucinda and gets called Cindy. I like it a lot and both Lucinda and Cindy suit her personality very well.
Cindy can come from Lucinda, a Latin name that means "light". [noted -ed]
Also nickname for Lucinda.
Sounds very ugly and it's now always seen as a joke name because it's often used in movies and characters with this name are always very stupid. I don't like this name and it seems very dated, too.
I don't see why everyone says bad things about this name. It's not bad, it's very feminine and sounds pleasant. I hope all the Cindys out there don't feel bad reading these comments. Don't take them seriously, Cindy is a nice name.
I recently changed my name to Cindy, from Lucinda.
For most of my (15 years) life, I was called Luci (yes, with an 'i') eventually I changed it to Lucy, now Cindy. Personally, I feel like I didn't exactly have much to start out with, having the name of an old actress and all. I have yet to meet anyone who was Cynthia -> Cindy, but a director for a play I was in was Cindi... who was at least in her 40s. Cheers to old lady names?
My name is Cindy and I like to be called Cyn, Sydney, or Syd. It’s a cute name and I like hearing people say it. I think the polls and its opinion on it are highly unlikely. But 162 people can’t determine the scale alone. I see a lot of people care about the birth name of Cindy and that is really good but it seems like people named Cindy are highly disregarded. They got potential but today society doesn’t care about potential. People named Cindy shouldn’t pick sides and should remain neutral (just like their name). I say this to say, that as a girl named Cindy (as a full name not a nickname) I am bigger than most people in height and weight. There is nothing minuscule about me but the irony is hilarious. Sounds like people are confused to the true history of Cindy. Seeing this page makes me glad I am myself. Wanted to mention that Cynthia to me is aggravating to be called and Cinderella is annoying so expect an eye roll to either.
My first impression is of the haters of this name? How could you. I love the name Cindy. I like Cynthia too. I prefer Cindy. It makes me think of a popular girl who is fun to be around. Not peppy, but popular... think "Can't Buy Me Love" 80s movie! You can't lose with the name Cindy. It's fun and professional. Cute and feminine.
My name is Cindy. Not Cynthia or Lucinda but just plain Cindy. I love my name! I've always thought it sounded like a friendly, happy name. I'm not a bimbo as one comment mentioned. I have a Master's Degree in Nursing and a BA in English and Literature. I'm also a freelance writer who has been published several times. I can't imagine anyone judging someone simply based on their name. I think it says a lot about the person who is doing the judging and it's not saying anything good.
In 2018, 53 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Cindy* who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 220th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens. *as a first name, not a nickname.
So 70s ugh!
I dislike this as a full name and a nickname.
I DESPISE this name.
Don't care for this name at all. It seems dated as well.
Yogi Bear's girlfriend is named Cindy!
Under Diminutive, add Cinderella. Under Related Names, add Cinda.
I don't like Cindy as a nickname for Cynthia. It has nothing in common with this name. For Lucinda it's okay, I think.
Cindy is the name of Brick's girlfriend on The Middle, an American sitcom.
My name is Cindy. In my name book its origin is Greek and the Christian meaning is reflecting Jesus' light, being the Light of the world, like Jesus mentioned in the New Testament.
Cindy Taylor is a Paraguayan actress, TV host and model. Born in Asunción, Paraguay to a Paraguayan mother, her father was a United States citizen, having relocated the family to Clarksburg, West Virginia immediately after Taylor was born. When Taylor was eight years old, her parents divorced, and she and her mother moved back to Paraguay, where she would reside for the next ten years. In Paraguay she attended the American School of Asuncion and the international SEK School.
The character on Three's Company was named 'Chrissy Snow'. In one episode she says her formal name is 'Christmas Snow'.
I'm a Cindy, short for Lucinda, and "Cindy" was a fairly popular name in my age group. There were 4 other Cindy's in my class during high school (late '70's), then I rarely met another Cindy for 20 odd years, only to begin working in an office with another cluster of Cindy's spelled a variety of ways - Cendi, Cindy, Cyndy, etc., again around my age, + or - 5 years. Some were nicknames, one wasn't.
The name Cindy was given to 248 girls born in the US in 2015.
Cyndi Lauper spelled it Cyndi.
I also think of Cindy Snow, the extremely dumb but funny, clumsy roommate on Three's Company.
Cindy Robinson (born April 6, 1973) is an American voice actress. Her most notable roles are Amy Rose in the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' series and Makoto Nanaya in the 'BlazBlue' series.
Reeeeeeeally popular English name for Koreans.
Cindy is a really cute name. It's hardly used these days. You can't go wrong with this name. Would love to see a revival of this sweet name. :)
It could also be a nickname for Cinderella.
I am named Cindy, and I am changing this name. It is too casual, cute-sy, and unsophisticated. I actually despise both Cynthia and Lucinda for similar and other reasons, but I wasn't given either of those names--just Cindy. It conjures up images of some teenage farm girl in the 50's pining for a husband, or some fun-in-the-sun floozy, or the youngest one in curls on the Brady Bunch. I went from being neutral about my name as a child and teenager to feeling entirely detached from it for the last ten years. If you expect your daughter to be an adult who is admired and respected, please do not name her Cindy.
My name is Cindy, not shortened from anything else (although I wish it was Cinderella as that would be hilarious!). I absolutely love it. It's unusual here in the UK but not so much that people can't say or spell it, but I have never met another one face to face. I'm always the only Cindy everywhere I go or work, which means I never need to use my surname. It's a lovely name for a sophisticated, businesswoman with three sons, who plays sports and bakes cakes. I am both admired and respected, as are Cindy Crawford, Cindy Lauper and Cindy Miles the author. I don't agree with the way the previous Cindy feels about this name. It's a great name for girls and not easily shortened either.
Cindy McCain, wife of John McCain.
Cindy can also be short for Lucinda.
Cindy Wilson of the B-52s is a notable bearer of this name.
Cindy Guagenti is a publicist and is included in the new book In Their Shoes by Deborah Reber.
Cindy Vortex from Jimmy Neutron.
Fist of all Cindy is not related to Cynthia. Sindy is a common usage of the name Cindy in Great Britain. The name really does not have a relation with the name Cynthia. It is common error given by Cynthias who prefer to be called Cindy. The name Cindy it comes from the word "Cinder" wich means ashes. An example of this application is Cindyrella, called that way because she was used to be filled with ash for sleeping by the fireplace. Therefore Cindy, I like to say means "who comes from the ashes".
Cynthia is one of those names that, although I really like it, I would never use because I can't stand the common nickname for it, Cindy. Making Cindy out of Cynthia is a crime, in my opinion. Cynthia is classical, but Cindy seems so insubstantial and bimbo-ish.
On Jimmy Neutron there is a character named Cindy Vortex.
In my opinion there are too many ways to spell this name (Cindy, Cindi, Cyndi etc.) Plus I don't really like the name Cynthia which is where Cindy usually comes from.
I used to know a Lucinda who used Cindy as a nickname instead of Lucy, which would not have suited her.
The name sounds like a snobby cheerleader, unserious, and unsophisticated. Although it sounds okay, it is lacking in being taken seriously. Also, the impression I get on the name Cindy, is that it lacks what most people want to find in a person, and it lacks notification for such a common name.
My best friend's name is Cindy. She's a wonderful person, so I don't think of it as 'snobbish' at all.
There is a novelist named Cindy Gerard.
There is a character from the movie "The Grinch" Cindy Lou Who.
Cindy is the name of the youngest daughter on the Brady Bunch!
A famous doll is "Sindy".
Cindy Sherman is a famous American artist/photographer.
Cindy Mancini is the name of the most popular cheerleader at school, who is hired by the nerd Ronald to make him popular too through going out with her, in the 1987 film "Can't Buy Me Love".
Cindy Walsh was the home-cooked-meal-mom on Beverly Hills 90210.
Super model Cindy Crawford is a famous bearer.
I like this spelling way better than Cyndi.
Cindy, what a wonderful name. I don't really need much to be reminded of my love, Cindy, because she is always present in my mind, but it's always nice to read her name, hear it pronounced or to just think of it. Cin-dy. The sound of that name flows from my lips...and I smile.
Cindy: the one who is always as near to me as my heart, for she owns a piece of it. If I place my hand on my chest, close my eyes and think the name Cindy, I see her...and I smile.
My name is Cynthia and I am called Cindy by my friends. Usually I spell my name Cyndi, but I don't really care how you spell it! I found the last comment very interesting because it's about my name and it was written on my birthday!

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