In 2018 were born 16 babies called Cinzia in Italy.
Cinzia Fiordeponti, best known as Cinzia De Ponti, is an Italian actress, model and television personality. De Ponti was born in Pescara. In 1979, while a law student at Teramo University, she won the Miss Italia beauty contest. She later won the 1982 Miss Universo Italia contest and entered the Miss Universe 1982 competition, ranking third.
Cinzia is the Italian form of Latin Cynthia, known to mean "Woman from Kynthos" and/or "From Mount Kynthos".
Cinzia was the 4th most popular name in Rome in 1961 (behind Patrizia, Paola and Antonella). Today it sounds a little "average middle-class middle-aged woman" and it is not popular at all.
The pronunciation is CHEEN-tsyah.

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