Clair is also used as a feminine given name in French and English (as a French form of Clara), alongside Claire and Clare. However, Clair is more common for males. So, I think that the "Gender" of this name should be updated from "Masculine" to "Masculine & Feminine"; and the "Meaning & History" section of this name should be updated to read, "French form of Clarus or Clara". For more information, see both the comments down below by users @LionB3 and @leoBeyene2002 and the Sources I have provided in this comment.

Americans ruined this name by deciding it is feminine, even though the female version is Claire, with an E at the end. Clair is a boys name ONLY.
This is an absolutely outstanding name. I wish to name my first boy this. Clair is not at all feminine to me. Feminine form would be Claire and not Clair.
Looks like a Claire with the "e" chopped off.
I don't like Claire (on a girl), but when I discovered Clair for a boy, I loved it! Clair is romantic and handsome without being unwearable or rough. Love the music association, classical is my favourite, and it just sounds so poetic! X.
This spelling just looks terrible. Do Claire or Clare your child will seem so much more beautiful with a beautiful name like Claire/Clare.
I have a friend called "Claire", so this is kinda weird for me. I still love it though.
Clair for boys and Claire for girls.
A fictional FEMININE name bearer is a Flipline Studios character named CLAIR, a female customer who first appeared in Papa's Pizzeria.

Clair is a Physician at the Frostfield Clinic Emergency Department. She works long, twelve hour shifts that change each week. For Clair, the fulfillment she receives from helping people will always outweigh her somewhat insufficient sleep schedule. Whenever Sarge or Radley attack, Clair is always there to look after Papa Louie's rattled customers. Although Clair's schedule can be hectic, she always finds time for her daughter, Sasha.
A notable FEMININE name bearer is a Scottish DJ: Clair Stirling. Better known as HER stage name: Eclair Fifi.
This name can also be FEMININE as a variant of CLAIRE or CLARE, making it UNISEX.

In the USA, it was given to 66 girls in 1991
In the UK, 8 girls were also named CLAIR in 1996 and 2001
This name is MUCH more popular as a FEMININE name is Brazil with 10,665 girls born with the name from 1930-2018

The Wiktionary source CLAIMS it to be UNISEX.
Clair de Lune xd.
Clair is a feminine name to me, though I'm always most familiar with the spelling Clare. That's just the norm for me. Claire looks weird, and Clair's a bit odd, but I like it. Clare is the best spelling, in my opinion. Though the spelling also reminds me of Clair Patterson, the man who discovered the age of the Earth and studied lead poisoning. Still, the only Clair I know is a young girl. If you're picking any spelling, choose Clare. It's the simplest, classiest, and has the most character. The 'i' crowds up Claire, and the lack of an 'e' in Clair gives it an incomplete look.
I quite like this name for a boy or a girl, but I mostly think of it as feminine as I played Pokemon Crystal and Fire Emblem Echoes, which both have female characters named Clair.
This is what I hate.
I don't know why some people don't understand the difference between masculine and feminine forms. "Clair" is the masculine form, while the feminine form is either "Claire" or "Clare".
My middle name is Clara, named after my great grandfather named Clair. He was a pretty cool guy so I like it! It's unique for a guy to be named Clair. It's not like being named Ashley or Leslie as a guy, I think those names are WAY more feminine.
This name can also be a feminine name as a variant of Claire or Clare.

In 1991 in the US, it was given to 66 girls
In 2001, it was also given to eight girls in the UK.
My name is Clair. Middle name is Mark. I am of the masculine persuasion. My parents met in a Botany class in college and their professor's name was Clair. A genius with plant life and a respected teacher. Took me a while to get accustomed to the fact that my name was so vastly different from everyone else's. Growing up with 5 sisters all with the first name of Mary [strong Catholic influence] made childhood a personal mix of delight and abject fear. My sisters had different middle names, so no jokes. Us kids commonly referred to each other with nicknames. Bullies used to beat each other up to get to fight me. It wasn't fighting as much as it was degrading and humiliating. A mindless show of power to gain popularity at the expense of a pretty decent kid. Needless to say, the association with the name virtually removed my student career. Quite ironic for the son of two Botanists and Biologists. The pattern of torture dipped to a low during Junior year in HS. By then, I had been growing bigger and adopting dangerous hobbies from the Seniors. Sweep to the current day. I've entertained thoughts about changing my first name to Mark, but it would not only be an insult to my parents and their college mentor, but an insult to myself for denying the originality and clarity of my name. I wouldn't have it any other way. My friends all know me as Clair and by no other name. Nothing to prove. Nothing to challenge. It's an honor. Thanks Mom, Dad,... and Clair.
My name is Clair. Yes I am a male. I was born in 1958 in Ohio. My father named me after his brother whom had the same name and spelling. My uncle was born in Pennsylvania. Over the many years I have had many wild looks from folks who I had met. As of today I still experience the same questions.
The feminine form is supposed to be "Claire".
This sounds like a girl's name. I'm pretty sure guys will get teased for having a girl name.
A nice nickname for Clarence or Sinclair.
I'm a guy and this is my name, same spelling. I was born in 1997 and I've only seen a really old guy with my name. It's awkward when I first meet people. They either laugh, make a weird face or don't care. I like it because there aren't many guys with the name so it doesn't hold any preconceived notions but I hate it because it gets confused for a girl's name. I've thought about changing it, but it would cause more problems than solve and it's grown on me.
ClairMati & the other Male Clair you ROCK!
& the neg naysayers - Get out more! Clair was my friends name, a VERY butt kicking Masculine Vietnam Vet & Detroit Police Undercover Vice ALL MAN MAN! This is the greatest French name besides my son's name Michel! People in the USA are so narrow minded. This is a Man's name - CLAIRE is a women's name.
Traditionally, this is the masculine form of the name; the feminine form is "Claire".
Not given in France or very very very rare.
I can't see this as a masculine name, especially because I played the Pokemon games and their Clair is a woman. But it does sound cute. I still prefer Claire, though.
Clair is the name of a Dragon-type Gym Leader in the Pokemon games. In this case, it's a female character.
In English, this would absolutely not work on a boy. It would be perceived as a misspelling of Claire, therefore a "girl name".
I do not like any variant of the name Clair, Claire, etc. It is too feminine for a man and to mannish for a woman. I'm a woman and this is my middle name. Clair is the official spelling on my birth certificate, but when I can I write it as Claire. My first name is Amanda and I hate that too, but it's a little better than Clair. The name Clair/Claire reminds me of a frumpy, mean weirdo teacher I once had.
Lake Saint Clair, the "sixth" of the Great Lakes, is named after St. Clare. Note that in French, however, it has an -e to it (Lac Sainte-Claire).
Clair Huxtable (played by Phylicia Rashād) is the mother on the Cosby Show.
This is my name and I'm a girl! I like that it's spelt a little differently than Claire or Clare because I went to school with about ten of them.
I much prefer Sinclair to this.
I absolutely cannot imagine this name on males. I've only heard of females named Clair, mostly Claire, and the name sounds feminine to me. It even sounds quite clear, literally. A very beautiful name, short, simple, but not too minimalist. It's overused and thus quite bland, but I still like it, it's elegant and sophisticated.
Clair de Lune means moonlight in French. It's been used as a title for poems, plays, books, songs, etc.
I love this so much more than Claire.
I've never heard of anyone with this name and definitely not any guys. If you're thinking about naming your son this then you might wanna choose a different name, otherwise he'll be picked on at school for having a girl's name. Or maybe you could spell it with a "K" that looks more guyish plus it's supposed to sound like that.
My grandfather's name is Clair, after the surname, and he was in American Women in Science because they thought he was a girl.

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