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Clay Terran is a character in the popular video game series "Ace Attorney". He appears as a murder victim in the fourth case of "Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies".
Lovely classic boy's name that will never go out of style.
Clay is a poggers name, especially if you play Minecraft and are friends with GeorgeNotFound.
I love the name Clay! It's the name of the famous Minecraft speedrunner "Dream" and it's so cool sounding.
Bland but still unique, in the same way as rain.
I honestly think Clayton is better than Clay. Clay seems much too strange for a name.
Clay is far better than Clayton for sure.

I think it could work for a boy thanks to similar names like Barclay or Clyde.

The meaning is strange: here in Italy 'Clay' is 'argilla' (or 'creta' if you mean the one for pottery) that are not given names at all (but in this case they would be feminine).

However Clay has a simple, solid and sunny sound with a country and outdoorsy vibe. It is strong and youthful.

I would not use it but maybe for a character... of course!
Clay is a sexy name. I agree with it because Clay is in ponds like in the best game ever named Minecraft.
Clay is super cute for a baby girl. I love it so much! Clayton does sound good as well!
In our family tree we have several Barclays and the nickname always used for Barclay was and is Clay. I like it. Very earthy.. no pun intended.
Lol, weird name. Maybe Cole and Clay for brothers. That would be great.
Author of western books Clay Allen.
The name Clay was given to 332 boys born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Clay are male.
I just love the name Clay. It is an awesome name and I use it in every story I write. I think that Clay or Claye or Klay is the best name for a baby boy (best being Claye).
It's alright, but only as a nickname for Clayton.
Clay is the main character in Pseudonymous Bosch's new book, "Bad Magic."
Clay (also known as Max in Europe) is the male protagonist in the Game Boy Advance video game Mario Tennis: Power Tour.
Clay is much more substantial than the horrible name Clayton. Clay is a cute, unique, masculine name. :-)
Update: I don't think the name Clayton is really horrible anymore. Clay and Clayton are both equally nice names. :) xo.
Although it may seem eccentric to name your child after mud, the 1953 edition of the journal "Names" sheds some light as to why the name might have been chosen in the past:

"If a mother has lost two children in childbirth or shortly thereafter, she can be assured of the survival of her third child, according to popular belief, only if the second baby lies buried face down in the grave and the third child is named for Mother Earth".

Hence any name with "earthy" meanings would have made a good choice for the third child to ensure its survival.
This name will lead to teasing because "clay" is a material used for making pottery. It also sounds rather trashy, and I don't really like Clay Aiken.
I really like the name Clay. Clayton sounds boring to me.
I'm from Kentucky, and there are quite a few men in the family tree with Clay as a middle name. It's been passed down the line since one ancestor was named for Henry Clay, the influential Kentucky senator who founded the Whig Party.
The name sounds quite immature, maybe not as infantile as Chase, but still quite youthful. How about naming your son Clayton instead?
Awful name in my opinion. I apologize to the many out there named this, though.
Clay Crosse is a Christian music artist.
Clay is just a word for china. How can it be a name?
It can be a name because it's also an old English surname, which have been used as first names for hundreds of years.
I love the name Clay! There is this really hot guy named Clay! Clay is the best name for a boy.
Clay Aiken, runner up of American Idol (2003) bears this name.

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