People think this name is: classic youthful formal upper class natural wholesome strong refined strange
WELL. I think it leans more to the strange
Whatever floats your boat
But don’t cry
Shake it off- Taylor Swift.
My daughter is named Clodagh-lily. I love the name but so many people do not know how to pronounce it and many people think it is her surname.
My mums name is Clodagh and most people call her "clo". It's not common where I live in England but it's still a really pretty and sweet name.
To me, this looks and sound masculine. It sounds kind of like coda, which I've heard on a few male dogs. But that's just me. Overall, I don't really like it for either gender.
I love most Irish names (and Celtic names in general) but this one just looks unpleasant to my eyes for some reason. It doesn't have the same aesthetic appeal as Saoirse and Fionnuala.
I think it's a lovely name, it's pleasing to the ears, and I don't think there would be much issue with pronunciation (as many English words have a silent "gh" in it, so even if we have to correct pronunciation, I think people would "get it", for the most part). I also like that it's similar to claddagh.
The main character in the film Black Narcissus was called Clodagh. It is a British film by Powell and Pressburger starring Deborah Kerr.
This is actress Saoirse Ronan's middle name.
I think this name is ok, and quite nice-sounding, but I would prefer to spell it phonetically (Cloda), as it is pronounced this way. I suppose this way is sort of an anglicised version of the name, and personally, I prefer it. :)
Actually, Clodagh is already the anglicisation. The Irish name for the river is Clódach.
I know they're different pronunciations entirely, but this name reminds me of a claddagh ring.
This is the name of the heroine of the fourth book of the "Sevenwaters" series, "Heir to Sevenwaters."
Pronounced Clo-da. The gh is silent.
The first bearer of this name is thought to be Lady Clodagh de la Poer Beresford (1879-1957), the youngest daughter of John Henry de la Poer Beresford, 5th Marquess of Waterford (1844-1895).
Famous singer Clodagh Rogers who sang Come Back and Shake Me.

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