It's complex but it's still pretty.
I think Amelia is much better.
Ugh. Looks super itchy and uncomfortable.
Name of the day January 27, 2021.
I prefer this to Chloe, it just sounds prettier.
Don't like it.
Funny enough, my name is Zack Cleolia but I go by the French spelling as Clèolia but all the websites I've been through there are no legitimate meanings for Cloelia, but I remember my dad saying it means achiever. I think he said that because of what Cloelia did.
Name of the Day: January 27, 2015.
My new favorite:)
Cloelia is very beautiful and exotic, perfect for a modern girl's name. And if you're worried about the pronunciation, you could always spell it Clelia.
I love the combination Cloelia Violet.
Nice name! Never heard of it until today, but it's very beautiful :)
It sounds like the name of a flower or something. Very pleasant.
This name is stunning. I just love the sound of it - it's gorgeous!
This is such a gorgeous name.
Can be pronounced klo-EE-lee-ah, klo-EEL-yah, klo-EL-ee-ah, or klo-EL-yah.

Personally, I prefer the last.
Such a gorgeous name that you NEVER hear these days!
When Lucius Tarquinus Superbus, an Etruscan, took over Rome, the Romans were not happy. In order to prevent revolt, he took the children of the senators and sent them back to where he was from. Cloelia was one of these hostages. After being in the Etruscan palace for a while, she became homesick and led some of her friends with her back to Rome. Once they got there, their parents were so afraid that Lucius would kill them all, so they turned the children over to Lucius. After hearing that they escaped of their own free will and that their parents weren't involved, Lucius admired Cloelia's bravery and let them stay in Rome. A statue of her was erected in the Forum, the only female one ever there.
The original form of Clelia. In Roman legend Cloelia was a maiden who was given to an Etruscan invader as a hostage, but managed to escape by swimming across the Tiber. She led other hostages to safety as well, and a statue was erected on the Via Sacra in her honour.

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