The name Clothilde has more origins, and is not French. The French variant of Clothilde is Clotilde, without an H.
The real origins of the name are:

So it is a name from Northern Europe :)
The name Clothilde means:

-Strong and famous at battle
-Has connotations of being strong and brave.
Reminds me of a blood clot... which makes me think of a menstrual cycle which in turn makes me uncomfortable.
I am Clothilde and growing up people had trouble pronouncing my name and shortening it to Clotie/Cloty made it easier.
A 60s French pop singer used the stage name Clothilde.
The more usual French spelling is Clotilde. Clothilde is German.
Famous bearer: Saint Clotilde (died 545 AD), whose feast day is June 3.
People might have trouble pronouncing this name, that's for sure.
It was the name of one of the princesses during the 1700's, I think one of Louis XVI's aunts. I think it's a beautiful name and can have the nickname Cloe.
All I see is cloth.
This can also be spelt Clotilde.

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