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This can also be spelt Clotilde.
― Anonymous User  8/25/2007
All I see is cloth.
mum2bubba  9/3/2007
It was the name of one of the princesses during the 1700's, I think one of Louis XVI's aunts. I think it's a beautiful name and can have the nickname Cloe.
Free_Spirited_Girly  10/17/2007
People might have trouble pronouncing this name, that's for sure.
-Julia-  11/20/2009
The more usual French spelling is Clotilde. Clothilde is German.
Nom de Plume  9/20/2011
Famous bearer: Saint Clotilde (died 545 AD), whose feast day is June 3.
Nom de Plume  9/20/2011
A 60s French pop singer used the stage name Clothilde.
Ume  8/11/2015
I am Clothilde and growing up people had trouble pronouncing my name and shortening it to Clotie/Cloty made it easier.
Klo-Teeld  5/5/2016

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