Even worse than Cody lmao.
Just because you change the "y" to an "ie", does NOT make it feminine.
The PROOF of the name being FEMININE can also be seen in the UK CHART.
This is such a cute name for a girl! I'd spell it this way :)
This name can also be FEMININE, making it UNISEX. [noted -ed]

Obviously it's seen on the UK popularity chart beginning in the 90s as a FEMININE name.
In the USA, beginning in 2012, it's becoming more of a FEMININE name and given to 92 girls in 1991.

In the USA, it's more common as MASCULINE.
In the UK, it's more common as FEMININE.
Great, another male name that parents are trying to make feminine.
Codie is one of my favourite names! I like it spelled "Cody" as well. It says that this is a masculine name but it's unisex.
I named my daughter Codie Anne Louise. She has never complained and because she is the only one with that name she feels unique. We live in France so they pronounce it koodi.
My name is Codie, and I personally didn't like my name either until I got a bit older. I still think it's "boring" but I've grown to like it and I'm the only girl called Codie in my area and out of my friends. Codie isn't a common name and that's what I like about it I guess. If I could re-write my birth certificate I would put 2 ee's at the end of my name "codiee" I think it looks more feminine... I reckon aha.
Codie is a variant of Cody (Irish, Gaelic) and means helper.
It is also derived from the Irish Gaelic surname Mac Oda (son of Oda). Oda is an obsolete name meaning wealthy.
My name is Codie-Louise which I love and is so unique. A lot of people always comment on how beautiful my name is. I know a guy who has the name but spelt Cody and I had a girl friend in school whose name was spelt Codee. Either way it's something different and can be for either a male or female. It just depends on how you choose to spell it.
My name is Codie. I never really liked my name, until recently. I receive a lot of comments on it being cute, and I realized that if I had another name, I would not be myself. I dislike that people think it is a boy's name, because there are plenty of male names that people choose as girl names, even those you may not suspect- Trevor, for example. Another thing that is annoying is whenever someone asks your name, you need to repeat it at least one or two more times. They always think your name is Kori or something else. Once, I got a "Katy". Seriously, just because it's spelled with an ie, it doesn't mean it's pronounced differently.
I honestly don't like this spelling of the name. Cody is one of my favorite boy names. This name looks like a girls name. But it really shouldn't be used as one. Does that make sense? Haha.
The spelling and name alike are too immature for people past age 15. As for the idea of using this name for females, you might want to think if this name really sounds okay on ordinary, feminine girls. Well, you know what I'm getting at. The name is very boyish, and it might somewhat work on tomboys, but any female past the age of 13 would hate to have this name. Even the androgynous and masculine ones. Then it just sounds like a silly little boy name on them, and it seems like a nasty stereotype thing, like the poor girl insisted on a boyish nickname out of lack of a good taste just because she's not feminine.

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