Also Judeo-Anglo-Norman.
Source: Seror, Simon "Les noms des femmes juives en Angleterre au Moyen Âge".
I really like the name Colette because it’s beautiful and you don’t hear it that often but it’s not unheard of at the same time. I love the name Colette Briar with it.
Simply beautiful. Colette is a feminine, sensual and brave name. It looks good for any age and conveys a smooth maturity. A highly recommended option. If your name is Colette, you are very lucky.
I guess she's not really a 'Colette' but Collette Briar Clifford is the daughter of YouTubers Landon and Camryn Clifford.
I prefer this pronounced KO-leht so coco can be a nickname.
One of my favourite French names.
This used to be one of my favorite names as a kid.

Colette is really pretty, and I like it as a middle name.
Wish all the rich people of America could be like saint Colette. I like the author, Colette.
This can also be a variant of Coleen.
Colette is a very pretty name. It draws the image of someone cool, attractive, and fun-loving.
So elegant!
Such a pretty name.
I like this name and find it beautiful! I think Cole names like Nicole and Colette are so beautiful!
This is such a sweet name!
The love of my life is named Colette. The name could not be more perfect for her. Kind, loving, artistic, sexy and gorgeous. She was not born with this name but chose it for herself as an adult. I have never met another Colette and that's just the way I like it.
A nickname is Collie. But a colly is a dog, though.
I love this name so much. It's unique. It's special. It stands out. I thank my parents for giving me such a wonderful name.
When I hear the name Colette, I can't help but think of the game Reflec Beat Colette!
Meh. Could do better. Sounds like a medicine.
Colette butler.
This my daughters name. She's 19 now and I call her Coco. She always tells me she wishes I named her Sunny instead :~ Which was my other option.
The name Colette is kind of dated in France. It became really popular in the 30's, and by the 70's it was very rarely given to baby girls. I personally think it's a beautiful name nonetheless :)
Such a beautiful, underused French name. I'm glad it's made a comeback, I'd love to meet a little girl named Colette.
I have a friend named Colette and another named Kalette. Pronounced the same way but I like the way Kalette is spelled. It works better for my friend.
Colette Appel (born 1986 in Hartford, Connecticut) is an American pair skater.
Not all things French are good. When I hear this name, I immediately think of charcoal.
This name is occasionally used in English, most often by Catholics to honour Saint Colette, in which case it is pronounced kə-LET.
Colette was the pen name of French writer Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette (January 28, 1873 – August 3, 1954). Her most famous work was her 1944 novella "Gigi", which inspired a movie musical and a stage musical.
Colette is one of the "freaks" who joins Count Olaf's troupe in book nine of A Series of Unfortunate Events.
Colette's a lovely name, it's incredibly sweet for a young girl but it matures well and it sounds very pleasant.
Colette is one of my favourite girl names. If you were lucky enough to be called Colette go you! It is very pretty and feminine.
An abandoned baby whale in Australia was named Colin by the people who found her. However when they decided to put her down, they found out that she was a girl and renamed her Colette.
My name is Collette, a variant of Colette, but Collette is supposed to be pronounced Call-Ette. I was always told "what a pretty name" when greeted, even though most who said that to me I knew they weren't fond of it.
Actress Constance Zimmer has a daughter Colette Zimmer, born 5th January 2008.
I was almost named Colette which was a good thing I wasn't because to me it sounds like a girly elegent person which I am not. I'm the excact opposite of that. Instead I got Nicole which sounds a little preppy (which I'm not) but it fits me better. Also Nicole could be a pet name for Colette (or the other way around.)
Colette is the name of one of the cooks, and Linguini's love intrest in the Disney*Pixar film, "Ratatouille".
I love this name. I'm using it as a middle name if I ever have a daughter. There was a character in one of the Care Bear books called Colette and she was so cool, so the name stuck with me and has been a favourite name for years.
There is a character in the GameCube game Tales of Symphonia named Colette Brunel.
The name Colette also belongs to Canadian singer 'Colette Trudeau'.
There is a character named Colette in 'Les Miserables'.
Colette isn't in Les Miserables, that's Cosette.
Colette is a beautiful name. It is strong, firm and rather lovely.

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