Ooh... Never heard this before, but I like it! Maybe you could use Coco as a nickname. I'm not a big fan of the names Nicole and Nicoline, but Coline sounds prettier. It would also make a good middle name.
Callie is a diminutive of that.
Coline Mattel is a French female ski jumper.
It also means "hill" in French. It's simple and yet pretty.
"Colline" is the actual French word for "hill." Coline is simply Coline.In either case, I think this is a gorgeous name. If I ever used it, it would be completely independent of Nicole (which I've never been a fan of). In fact, I see Coline as a more attractive (in my opinion) alternative to Colleen.
It's a French pet form of Nicoline, a female variant of Nicolas. [noted -ed]

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