Horrible name.
All I can think about this name is Colton, one of my favorite horse villagers from Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
Awful name.
Sounds kind of childish, plus the "colt" part makes me think of horses.
Means "coal town" in Old English.
Doesn't roll off the tongue well.
Must be a modern successor of the classical Nicholas in the English-speaking world.
Makes me think of cotton. *SORRY*
Dear everyone calling this a "childish" and/or "trendy" name:
I see people complaining about not just this name, but tons of now-popular names. The arguments usually go as "I can't see an adult/20 year old/60 year old called *insert name* so pick a name less childish!"
Well it doesn't take much brain function, and it seems lots of people lack it, to realize that when people name a kid a modern/trendy name such as this one, "Colton", in say, this year, in 2039 there will be 20 year olds named Colton. In the mid 2080's there will be tons of senior citizens named Colton. Then, it will seem like an "old name" that will fit your, now very aged child.
In addition, the popularity of this name peaked in 1995... There are tons of 24 year olds named "Colton."
Edit: someone downvoted this comment. I was right about the lack of brain function thing.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Colton who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 663rd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
My brother's name is Colton and he loves his name! He is 15, and plans on going by Cole later in life. I have never met another Colton, but I know my brother was named after a great-great-great grandfather on my father's side.
I first heard this name on Halloween 2016. I did not like the sound of it when the kid's dad said "Colton". I really don't like modern names. Not even auto-correct recognizes it!
My brother's name is Colton. He never liked it but I think it's unique and I haven't met anyone else with his name before!
I love the name! It's my 2 year old son's name and I call him colt or Coley as a nick name but I really like that the name is unique, trendy (hipster)... the only thing I would have changed now is the spelling, instead of the O at the end I probably would have used an E.
I think it sounds like a little boy's name, rather than a grown man's. Much prefer Cole.
We named our 2nd child Colton. My husband chose the name and I LOVE it! It fits him well. We often call him Colt, he likes it and while it may conjure an image of a baby horse I personally do not find that off-putting, nor does he. He loves all things outdoors, Cowboys, guns etc. It's the perfect name for him.
The boy from Heaven is For Real has shed light on this name. Not a terrible choice but nickname Colt (a male horse) and Cole (coal) isn't attractive.
I really like the name Colton for a boy. It's got that southern charm thing about it. It's nice. I've only known one Colton, but he spelled it Coltin, I don't think it's too terribly common. I'd use it.
My brother's name is Colton and he likes his name! Sometimes, he'll go by "Colt" for short. I think it's a good name, it's simple but not overused.
This name sounds very childish and trendy. It's also basically meaningless. I can't imagine a 20-year-old named Colton, much less a 70-year old man. Babies don't stay babies forever -- pick a name that will grow with your child.
I really like the name Colton. It's really cute and I think it ages well. One of my friends has a little brother named this, but it is spelled Kohlton.
I have a cousin named Colton. I don't know, to me Colton sounds straight up country--probably because it reminds me of Colt firearms.
Colton is the name of a high school boy in the teen novel, "It's a mall world."
I think it's sexy!
I adore Colton with the nickname Cole. It's simple and masculine. The perfect name IMHO. :)
Colt Brennan is supposedly a famous football player for the University of Hawaii.
I think that this is a great name for a boy. I believe that this name will become popular with the younger set sometime in the future.
Colton is a pretty good name for a boy. I have also seen the name Colter for a boy too.
I have a brother named Colton Thomas. He was named for Michael Douglas's character, in the 1980's film "Romancing The Stone", Jack Colton.
Colton Orr is a hockey player for the NY Rangers.

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