It is a nickname for Connor.
I can't help but think of a con man when I hear this. Not a bad name, otherwise, but I do prefer the similar-sounding Connor.
Conn Iggulden, author of the series of books 'Emperor'.
As a nickname for Connor - it's bearable.
And a real name - er, ever heard of 'con artist'?
In Bec, Connla was a traitor - he was Conn's son.
Conn does not sound a real name. It sounds like 'con', as in con artist, con trick, pros and cons. I can't think of a single positive connotation(!)
I've always liked this as a nickname for Connor, and I'm glad to see it's a real name! Great meaning too!
And his twin Proo. But seriously, this name sounds fairly negative.
The western province of Ireland, Connacht (also refered to by the horrible spelling Connaught), means "(land of the) descendants of Conn". It is called Connachta in Irish.
CON ARTIST comes to mind.
In Darren Shan's book 'Bec' one of the traitors, so to speak, is called Conn. He does, however, eventually die.
I like this name. It's short and simple, and it doesn't sound too youthful. I like the name Connor, but it's too popular, so this is quite a decent alternative to it. The name is quite plain, but that's okay. One of the names I could consider for a son would be Ewan Conn.
One of the children of Lir, transformed into a swan.

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