Cora Prescott from Spirit: Riding Free is Lucky (the protagonist)’s aunt.
Cute. It's rising in popularity again.
Cora is an anagram of Orca.
To be honest I love love love this name. It's my first name and when I read the comments I was a bit disappointed because some people said "So plain, overdone, and dated."
This name makes me think of a fresh, chilly day in winter. I mean that in a good way. It's just really nice overall.
This name is bellisimo! I think that means beautiful or something in Italian…? I dunno. I’m definitely putting this on my future daughter name list.
Cora is really cute and pretty. Lovely name.
The name Cora means "maiden".
Cora from the film 'Astro Boy' (2009).
Re. The comments by Corazie and Frollein Gladys on Corra Linn -Although the waterfall's name is of Gaelic origin there's a romantic folk etymology relating it to a personal name which might have had a little influence on its use in the Victorian era. Essentially the story is that a Scottish princess called Cora (supposedly a daughter of King Malcolm II, although there's no record that he had a daughter by this name) went over the waterfall on her horse and gave her name to the falls. The first version of the story I can find is in a book called The Yellow Frigate by James Grant (1850). Here it's a short tale told by an admiral within the novel. An author called J. Gordon Phillips took up the story and published it as a novel in its own right in 1895. I admit I first looked into this story thinking that Fenimore Cooper might have been influenced by it, especially as his Cora is of Scottish heritage. As I said though, I can’t find it written down before 1850 and it might actually be the other way around. With so many romantics touring Corra Linn in the early 1800s you would think one of them would have alluded to the princess story had it been around then. E.g. neither Wordsworth in his poem, nor Dorothy in her journals mention it.On my travels I did find one earlier Cora though. This was in a play called Pizarro by Richard Brinsley Sheridan (1799) which was said to have been extremely popular in its day. It was an English adaptation of a 1796 play by a German playwright August von Kotzebue. Sheridan spelled it Cora, while Kotzebue spelled it Kora. The character is intended to be Peruvian!
I named my daughter Cora in 1999 because I heard it in the movie Titanic. I thought it was unique. Everyone always told me it’s an old lady name but it’s becoming popular again.
Absolutely lovely!
Rich and prominent name style.
My daughter has this name- born in 2019. I would 100% give her this name again. Cute and short. She gets compliments on her name all the time. In no way has anyone ever related her name to the virus. Hope this helps anyone considering the name.
Strongly dislike this name, always have. Corona virus makes it even less appealing.
I don’t get the appeal. So plain, overdone, and dated.
Cora Rusk is a character in Stephen King's book "Needful things"
One of my most favorite names.
I've seen people mostly love this name. I do too. I've also seen a couple people say it sounds dated. I can't really understand that, but alright. I personally think this name is dark in a good way.
This is my name. I have noticed some funny coincidences, such as another Cora who lives in my state, and a set of twins named Cora and Hazel, as 1 of my friends named Cora has a sister named Hazel. Cora is a fantastic name, and it doesn't seem like and "old lady" name to me, it actually seems more youthful!
If I could choose my name, Cora would come in second following Autumn. Cora is such a beautiful name and really easy to say. If you're looking for a name for a baby girl, name her "Cora", she should thank you for it later.
Simple and cute.
Cora is my first name, given to me by my mother at birth. I didn't like my name very much as a young girl until I was told it's meaning. It means "Cherished Maidan". Once I learned the meaning I set out to own the meaning by living up to it every day that I live. The knowledge of this meaning totally changed my perspective of myself and who I could be. Not long after I was told the meaning of my first name, my mother gave me a wonderful and powerful life changing book famously known as "The New Testament". This book included the Psalms and Proverbs.As I read this book, I discovered that it is the most powerful book on earth about how God uses people to benefit his kingdom on Earth and in heaven. I learn how to obey, praise and worship God by reading, studying and applying his word daily. It taught me how to love and respect others different from myself. Shortly after I received my "New Testament" I asked my mother to buy me a "Bible". She allowed me to give my "New Testament" to someone who didn't have one and who truly needed to know more about Jesus, too. My mother blessed my life a second time, by giving me my very first KJ "Bible" at a very early age in my life. Together we shared the gospel when she allowed me to give someone my New Testament. Our relationship grew deeper as mother and daughter over the years, to Sister's in Christ Jesus. My mother became a traveling Evangelist and I traveled with her in her ministry for several years as we worked together helping to transform the lives of others. Years later I was blessed to found my own ministry rescuing lost souls from darkness and despair to reconciliation back to God. As the years went by I didn't meet anyone else who had the name "Cora" nor did I find my name anywhere in stores as a keepsake or key chain, but there was a woman who had the name as an actress in "Walton's Mountain" a television series. Her character was totally different from what I perceived someone with the name should be. This actress was rude, bossy, and the town gossip. As I watched the series I was so grateful more than ever for my mother giving me my "New Testament" and then my first "Bible". In the early 90's I worked with a woman whose name was "Cora" for a short while. Her boss decided to put an end to the confusion of having two staff members with the same first name and called her "Cora #1 "and me "Cora #2" when she needed one of us. Cora #1 had worked there some years before me. But we had a good laugh and so did others in the office. When I was told by some kind people that one of their relatives also had the name "Cora", I would smile and say something like " Oh, that is nice to know!". Life has been kind to me in many ways but I have had more than my share of trials. But it wasn't the trials that shaped, formed and fashioned me into who God wanted me to be, but it was truly his written word. I am so glad that I can write that I too was rescued from darkness, and that my personality has never been anything like the actress on Walton's Mountain TV series. Praise God. As I researched my name by using a Google App a few years ago. I discovered that in North Dakota there has been a surge of new births where parents have named their baby daughters "Cora". Their record count there was about 38 over a span of a few short years. Needless, to say, now I love my name and all that it represents, Cherished Maiden, classy, strong, likeable, friendly, kind, upper class, trustworthy.I do hope that your experience with someone whose name is "Cora" will be a very pleasant, enjoyable and memorable one.
I used this name for my D&D character who was a halfling Rogue. When creating a Halfling character, this is one of the names for females listed that you can pick. I really want to name my kid that one day.
I love the name Cora! When I was in preschool I remember my best friends were twins named Hazel and Cora! I like it because it’s not super popular and it reminds me of a sweet little girl, but not in a bad way. It’s just a super sweet name. I just love it.
Cora is a lovable name for the little girl in the core of your heart.
This name is really pretty. I think it goes well with Florence, if they were twins or sisters. Cora and Florence makes Flora, which is natural plant life. Beautiful.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Cora who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 816th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I think this name is really cute and it reminds me of coral in the ocean. This was going to be my youngest sister's name but my dad didn't like it. I was so mad lol because I prefer it a lot more to what they chose, Jada, which is still nice though.
Cora means mermaid, crown.
A pretty grandma name.
My great-grandmother's name was Cora. She was my paternal grandfather's mother. She was the only great-grandparent of mine that was still alive when I was born; she died when I was young, but I still remember her.
Lady Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham, from the popular television series Downton Abbey.
This name totally beats "Cory". I totally will consider this name for a future daughter :)
I was named after my father's spinster aunt b1878. As a young girl, I didn't like the uniqueness of the (old lady) name. My father would say, 'It's not just Cora, it's Cora Louise'. That didn't help, but as I got older I learned to appreciate that I'm the only Cora around. It's nice that on office memos or on sign-up sheets, I only have to use my first name. And when I hear my name called, I know it's for me. Many have told me it's a pretty name, and I agree. I see it's growing in popularity again. It will never be as common as 'Mary', but perhaps one day I can find a mug with my name on it.
Cora is the name of a character from Once Upon a Time: the heroine from Rumpelstiltskin, the Queen of Hearts, and the mother of the Evil Queen and the Wicked Witch of the West (Regina and Zelena, respectively). It means "heart" in Latin, which was the reason for the name on Once.
A very sweet and pleasant name. I imagine a sweet person having that name and it can sound more dainty with Coralie. Overall a really nice and sweet choice of a name.
First and foremost I think of Korra from The Legend of Korra, but I find that to be a very positive association, since she was such a strong character. I loved the name before I watched that show, too, because it's always sounded so beautiful and strong to me.
I was named after my Irish Great Grandmother b.1880.
I was raised in Corvallis which means "heart of the Valley". Core means heart.
In medical terminology class I learned and a at the end of something means pertaining to. So maybe Cora could mean Heart, I'd like to think of it as meaning a person with empathy or a caring nature.
Cora has been a rare name to have and I find it hard to share. There was another Cora at my work once they would say her name over the loud speaker and it would be distracting and basically it drove me crazy, all of my life I had been the only Cora.
The only ways to make fun of Cora appeared to be Cora Bora, Cora Hora. Well I have ADHD and I was a prude in school so neither of those name stuck.
My favorite character with the name Cora was in Music and Lyrics with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. Cora was like Brittany Spears a beautiful famous YOUNG singer.
All of my life Cora has been an old lady name, but this movie gave it some glamour.
So there you have my take on having been named Cora for 53 years and now I can say I am growing into my name.
I like it because it is short, easy and rare.
Cora is such a beautiful and cute name. I love this name so much! :D.
This name is nice, but I keep thinking of the Legend of Korra.
It seems to me, instead of basing it on Kore or Corinna, James Fennimore Cooper could have based it more directly on the Latin word "cor" which means heart.
This is just plain CUTE!
It seems like a modern name but is actually pretty old, I think.
Well, my name is Cora and I love my name. It is unique and I feel it's quite pretty. I have to say though, it is very annoying that you can never find a keyring or mug etc. with my name on it. However, I really like it and it's recognizable if someone is looking for me in a crowded space. Hope this helps!
The name is only fit to a certian grouping of people for example people who admired that wholesome and strong name. Fortunately Cora has many varieties to it, so if you want a more modern version then I think Coraline and if you want a more sensual version then Corrine but finally if you want a more cutesy name to go with Ruby, then Coralie is the name for you. This name is rich with so many other varieties. Also, if you want one with more history, then try Cordelia. To me, finding a middle name for this name family is easy because no matter what, it sounds endearing. For example, my favorite name combo is Cordelia Alice which means Noble heart or maiden and it's just so classy to me. There's so much more, I hope this helps!
I love it. It's simple, feminine and beautiful and goes well with both little girls and older ladies.
I have a friend who named their daughter 'Chora Belle' I think that Chora Belle sounds too 'cutesy' though. I like plain Cora so much better.
The eponymous protagonist of the Nickelodeon series The Legend of Korra (sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender). Her name is pronounced the same way as Cora, but the spelling reflects the naming conventions of the show's Water Tribe, which tends to use a lot of K's and schwas.
I really like this name, but I think I'd probably use it as a nickname for Cordelia. :-)
This name is beautiful. :) Very feminine.
This name is also used in The Netherlands, where it can not only be a short form of the names mentioned in the description for Cora, but also a short form for Cornelia.
I like it. But it's on its way to becoming popular!
I love this name! It's so old-timey, and elegant sounding, rolls off the tongue nicely, and if that's not enough think of the little girl from Titanic, I would definitely give this name to a daughter!
Waterfall in Scotland on the Clyde: Cora Linn. Of Celtic origin meaning Maiden, Linn meaning Waterfall. Also an alternative for the Greek Persephone or Kore.
The waterfall is actually called Corra Linn. According to Wikipedia, the name is derived from Gaelic "currach".
Cora is a really ugly name. It puts me in mind of a badly dressed, gum snapping Jersey girl with a really coarse accent. The name Cora just screams "tacky".
I personally love this name. It was the name of my father's feisty grandmother who died just before I was born, as well as the name of the strong and beautiful woman in The Last of the Mohicans, one of my favorite movies. I think it works beautifully as a fist or middle name, grows up well, and has sweet, strong connotations. Perfect!
Crazy Cora was the main female character in the movie Quigley Down Under.
Cora Sandel was the pen name of the Norwegian author Sara Cecilia Margareta Gjorwell Fabricius (1880 - 1974).
Such a sweet name, and one that grows up well with a girl. I, along with apparently a lot of people, picture the adorable little girl who Jack in Titanic dances with and calls his best girl when I think of this name. I think it works well as a middle name as well.
My name just happens to be Cora, and other than the difficulty of finding it on key chains and such, I really find it to be quite lovely. It's sweet and simple, and the fact that it is rather old fashioned really fits my personality. If you want a unique name for your baby, Cora is a great choice. I have never met another person with the name Cora before.
I also found out about this name from the Titanic! I think that adds to the reason I love it so much!
I like this name. I think it is short and sweet. It also reminds me of the former Mariner Joey Cora, which is good I guess.
I LOVE this name! I spotted it out maybe in 1998 or 1999 from a baby names book I own. (I've got like 5 though). Anyways, my first impression was that this name is quite delightsome and I really really like it. Then, if I heard right, Jack said to Cora when they were dancing in third class that watch this Cora and then Jack danced with Rose. Then little adorable little Cora smiled THE sweetest smile and net her head to the side a bit! SOOOO cute! So after that, I only imagine a cute curly bron haried brown eyed little girl as a Cora. Next time you watch Titanic, look out for that part! So yeah, I love this name!
This is a beautiful name, but I've gotten the impression that it's considered grandmotherly. To me, this sounds like the name of a gorgeous young woman with long, wavy, naturally red hair, pale, smooth skin, chubby red lips, green eyes, and lovely curves. Well, I feel the same way about Coralie and Coralyn, which sound even prettier than Cora alone. The name just sort of reminds me of Laura, which reminds me of Laura Schlessinger and Laura Ingraham, ugh. One way to spell the Quran in Europe is Koran, and that also comes to mind. Other than those things, I love the name.
A very, very warm name.
Derived from the Greek 'kore', it was first used as a given name by James Fenimore Cooper in The Last of the Mohicans.
Korah is also a biblical name.
I really like Cora. It was very popular in the late 1800's. It's simple & sweet. I like it as a nickname for Corinne & Cordelia too.
I thought it was a good name, and for a few years there I had a good friend called Cora, but she turned out to be a total jerk, so that pretty much ruined the name for me.
This is the name of the curly-haired little girl in Titanic.
My middle name is Cora, and I was named after my Great-Grandmother. I think it's lovely.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Cora here:
Cora is a character from The Last of the Mohicans.
I've known several people with this name, and I've noticed that they're always, um, not too bright.
I like the form Corah much better, as with Nora (Norah), except for Sarah (Sara is nicer).
I like this name, it is cute, but I tend to think of my boyfriend's niece when I think of it. And it can sometimes remind me of spoiled children.
I think this name is very sweet and pretty.

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