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Also French (Belgian) and Flemish:
I love this movie. I used to work at an after school program in high school, there were 2 girls named Coraline, both born around 2009, I assume after the movie.
Looks like parents can't spell Caroline correctly.It has film association too.
Honestly, I would shamelessly name my daughter after the movie Coraline. I love the name, and Coraline is my favorite movie and one of my favorite books.
I love the twist on the ever-popular Caroline, too.
Pretty. I do associate Coraline with the movie, but I don't think that's a bad thing at all. I will say, though, it's hard to imagine this name on an actual person.
Coraline is the second song on Eurovision-winning rock band Måneskin’s 2021 album Teatro d’ira - Vol. 1.
Cool name and the movie makes the name even cooler. :)
This is a cute name, I like it.
To be honest, I'm always gonna associate this name with the movie, but that's not necessarily bad. Definitely better than the potential Caroline.
Way too associated with the film.
KAWR-ə-lien in English. [noted -ed]

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