My name is Corinne. I pronounce it Cor-IN. I used to hate my name when I was younger because no one knew how to pronounce it. I have only ever met 5 other Corinne's in my 30 years of being alive. 4 of them spelt it Corinne like I do and the other one spells it Corrinne but she pronounces Cor-een. I love my name now as not many people have it and as you can see from my user name I like people calling me Rinne.
My name is Corynn but my most commonly-used variants are Rynn (as well as “Rynnie”, “Rynnie-Roo”, “Rynn-tyn”, “Rynn-tyn-tynnie”, “Wynn-tynn” — the list goes on & on lol — by close-friends & family) & corn (“corn-on-the-cob”, “corn-dog” — “crayon” even at one point in my life). I love having my name because it has always been a pretty unique name to have - however, when I was a kid not being able to get a keychain with my name on it from whatever gas station we would stop at during a road trip (my siblings have relatively common names so this wasn’t a problem for them) & similar-type scenarios - but then I found out that if I had been born a boy, my parents were gonna name me “Ethan.” Oh my god I am so glad I came out as a girl. I’ll take the confused-Starbucks-barista-expressions over “Ethan” any day.

Oh yeah, and how my name has always been pronounced is as “ka-(soft!)oh-wren”. Probably adds to the confusion of how this name is supposed to be pronounced. I’m 24 and still not 100% sure so I accept pretty much anyway to pronounce it.

I only ask that you do not call me Karen. Thank you in advance :)
My mother was named Evelyn Corinne, a name my grandmother saw in a book. Mom was called Co - reen with a long o sound and spelled her name Corrine. It wasn't until she was in her 50s that she noticed the "misspelling", Corinne, on her birth certificate. She called her mother and told her of the "mistake" but my grandmother said it was Corinne (Ka -wren) and that people had called her new baby "Co-reen" so she just went with it. My dad didn't like Co-reen so he called her Connie and so she's been Connie for 70 years! Corinne (Ka Wren) is a very pretty name as is Wren which is somewhat popular now.
I’d pronounce it as KOH-Reen.
I think it’s a very unique and pretty name. Sadly, commonly misspelled at Starbucks.
My name is Corinne pronounced kuh-rin. I used to absolutely hate my name, but I noticed common names like Maddison or Isabella aren’t unique.
My name is Coreen. Pronounced like it looks (cor-reen). I get a lot of Cor-rin and Colleen. I went by Corrie as a little kid (not my choice, but I don’t mind anymore). My favorite nickname is Reen. I absolutely hated my name as a kid, because it is super uncommon and kids called me Chlorine. I like it now because it isn’t common :)
I think this name is very pretty! I used to like Corinna, but now I prefer Corinne. Cori is a cute nickname.
My name is Korryn, pronounced kur-rin. My parents were deciding between this name, which they found through the movie Patch Adams, and Hermione so all things considered I got pretty lucky. I really hated my name for a long time, but felt weird having my friends call me Rynnie so I stuck with Korryn. In high school, a lot of substitute teachers or people I’d recently met pronounced it like “corn” so most of my friends now call me Kob as a play on corn on the cob!
I consider this for my daughter.
I like the second English pronunciation of this name best. The other two don't appeal to me at all.
My name is Corinne. I love my name. When I was born, it was not a common name, still not. I hope you did name your daughter Corinne. I think my maiden name is what threw teachers off, that being Zarelli. If I had my married last name Evans, I don’t think teachers would or anyone would have mistaken my name. But Corinne Zarelli threw many for a loop. I love the meaning behind the name as well. I love my name and so will your daughter.
In 2018, 32 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Corinne who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 005th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
If I have a girl, I am 100% naming her Corinne. It is unique but not weird and the perfect mix of feminine and masculine. A heroine could easily have this beautiful, strong name.
My name is pronounced Coreen (the o is pronounced with soft o). I didn't like my name as a kid but like it very much since then and I also cringe when people pronounce my name as Corin. I have a few nicknames like Reene, Reenie, Creen, Creenie, and Reeniebear.
My name is Corrine. Pronounced Cor-reen. I hate it :) I've always hated my name and have always struggled with the whole "cor-inn" vs. "cor-reen" thing. I think Corinne looks and sounds a bit prettier; I've always felt Corrine is a bit more awkward to say. Since I was young my nickname has been Reenie/ Reen. I've been called those since elementary and they sometimes sound a bit kiddish to me at this point in my life (in my 30's). If it wouldn't be so strange at this point in my life, I would actually change my name to Corrina. Not sure if people with that name face the same "reen"/"rin" challenges but I feel like the "a" at the end would help fix that. That's my two cents :)
My name is Corrine, pronounce COREEN. Living in NC almost NO ONE pronounces it correctly. I always get Corinne, which drives me nuts, but I don't mind correcting people. People look at me like I'm crazy. I've even had someone tell me my pronunciation is wrong (like wth?). My father is Puerto Rican so it's meant to also have a rolled-R. I've been going by Cori for as long as I can remember, but I do love my name. I hope maybe one of my offspring name their child after me without using a nickname since it's so unique. :)
Hi, I spell my name "Corinne" and I pronounce it Cor-reen (like Doreen). I would never criticise someone's spelling or pronunciation of it, as it would be rude and I like to think that it is a unique name, in both its spelling and pronunciation. We're all great, regardless of the slight variations. I LOVE my name.
The name Corinne was given to 354 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Corinne are female.
The song by Ray Peterson, "Corinne, Corinna", The Collins Kids did a remake of that as well, as well as Jerry Lee Lewis, Bo Carter, Big Joe Turner, and many others.
The French pronunciation of the name is not ko-REEN. It is either ko-RI:N or kə-RI:N (in Quebec). The "I" is long, but still not the same as "EE" in English.
I decided to name my child Corinne way back in 2003. I was afraid the spelling would confuse too many people and everyone would mispronounce it. So, I decided to mess with the spelling. I liked the boy spelling, "Corin" but didn't want my little girl mistaken for a boy. I then thought, hmmm...I really like "y's" in names so she became Coryn. I thought I was being original but I see by the Internet there are quite a few people who had the same idea. My daughter now tells me she really likes the spelling, Corin! Go figure! I still am happy with the choice I made. The name really suits her and we call her many nicknames based off of it. "Corky," "Ryn," "Rynnie," "Rynnie-Roo," I sometimes wonder if she would have ended up with a different personality if we had gone with a more traditional spelling. I guess I will never know!
My name is Corinne and I pronounce it Co-RIN. I am really glad that there are others out there that get really agitated when people pronounce it Co-REEN. I've even met other women with my spelling who intentionally pronounce it Co-REEN. I'm learning to let people pronounce it how they want, if they're strangers. The one thing I hate more than anything is being mistakenly called Connie. They aren't even close. People need to slow down and read. :)

The one exception is when people call me Co-REENA, oddly I'm okay with that one. I have many nicknames. I am called Rin, Rinny, and Cori. I don't mind any of those ;)

I love my name and wouldn't change it, ever!
I love how this name has never been super trendy and has also never fallen off the Top 1000. You'd never be able to guess the age of a Corinne because the name belongs on people of all ages---it's not dated in any way. There are hardly any names with this kind of track record. Love it.
My name is Corrinne. The double set of doubles makes the sound "coreen"! I hate being called "Cor-rin". Drives me nuts.
I don't mind Corin or coreen. I definitely have a problem with Connie. How many of you get that?! I get it more than I care to think about.
I named my daughter Corrinne after a character in the series 'Soap' and I spelled it the way I liked it. It's pronounced Krin or Corr-inn depending how we're feeling toward her at the time, the second way is for when she's done something wrong but it's not used much these days as she's 34, has her own children and mams are always right. She doesn't like it, especially when she gets called Coreen, she hates that, so do I, so if we both hear it, we both put them right at the same time. Oops!
Im a Corinne and I say cor- eeen or cor-reen. Even though cor-reen is French, my French teacher says cor-rin. They both are very pretty names but cor-Reen suits me better.
My mother's name was Corrine, as was her cousin's. They both spelled it that way. They were both born in the US in the early 1900s to French-Canadian parents who'd emigrated from Quebec. They both pronounced it Co-REEN.

My niece named her daughter after my mother, spelling it the same way my mother did with double R and one N, but she chose to pronounce it Cor-IN.

As my mother told me many years ago, Corrine and Corinne are names that are destined to be both misspelled and mispronounced.
This is my name! Personally I use the Cor-rin pronunciation, but there's also something weird people do with that where it's COR-in? It makes it sound really hard which I don't like. I don't mind the cor-een pronunciation either, it's just not for me I guess? Sounds more french. When I was younger my parents called me by the "cori" nickname but I kind of dropped it when I went into grade school. It is kind of the best of both worlds, you can add in the cute nicknames and if the kid doesn't like it the name is still really pretty and easy enough to say without. Lots of correcting people on the pronunciation/spelling (one r two n's, people always get that wrong) but people remember you better that way. It's a really pretty name.
I guess it's rare enough to seem special. It's an OK name.
I've always liked my name. I'm named after my great grandmother who pronounced it "core-inn". There's a street in my town called "Corrine" and it's pronounced "core-een". My name is hard for a lot of people to say and everyone wants to spell it with 2rs and 1 n. Regardless, I love it and it goes well with my first name.
Corinne is a smart name. It's classy, down to earth, and has a soft French charm while being approachable. It's of a different sensibility than new modern names. Beside sounding good, parents who choose Corinne have an established feminine given name. Corinne can suit a girl through all stages of life. Another Corinne grew up in the area, which is rather affluent and home to more educated parents. She had a sister, Colette.

I would use this name for my future daughter if it were more popular. I'm afraid in the future people won't have heard of it and will have difficulty spelling or pronouncing it. My friend Corinne's grandmother misspelled her name as 'Corrine' and gym teachers would misread 'Connie'!
My partner's family is more simple-minded and may find the name odd because it's not often heard.
I love the name Corinne. And I pronounce it CorEEn. Sorry but I hate when people call me Cor-in. I knew a girl who pronounced her name Cor-in and spelled it Caryn. It's amazing that once you add an -a everyone can pronounce it right. Corinna is pronounced Cor-ena not Cor-ina. And yes I could spell my name Corrinne but then it would be pronounced Cor-reen not Coreen. I've met other people who pronounce and spell their name the same as I do and they are far from being hillbillies. Either way, neither pronunciation is wrong just your parents preference.
I think that Corinne should be pronounced Coreen. If it was pronounced Corin it should be spelt that way or Corrin. Just like previously stated Corinna is pronounced how Corinne should be pronounced but without the a.
My name is Corinne (pronounced kor-een or ka-reen). I'm named after my aunt & grandmother who both have the same name (spelling and pronunciation).

I'm not sure why people use the alternate pronunciation of kor-in, and I, as well, cringe when others mispronounce my name, but I think this spelling is absolutely beautiful and I love my name, even with all the weird ways people manage to speak it aloud (seriously, I've been called Caroline.... seriously.)!
Actress Corinne Griffith (1894-1979).
I really love the name Corinne, and I'm definitely considering it for at least a middle name in the future! I know one Corinne, so it's definitely not something you hear every day. She pronounces it Cor-IN, which I love. I don't care for the Cor-EEN pronunciation, as I find it a little grating. I'm sure it's pretty in French, though.
British singer Corinne Bailey Rae.
Cor-EEN is an alternate pronunciation. The pronunciation for this name is very subjective, depending on which language you speak. Phonetics vary considerably and sometimes, because of these differences, the spelling also becomes subjective.
I love this name but I have to say that I like it when pronounced Cor-een, not Cor-in. Cor-in just sounds weird. Not pretty at all.
The name is nice, I prefer it pronounced Cuh rin. Core EEEEEEN just reminds me of hillbillies.
I happen to really like this name. I haven't met too many Corinnes. It's not a name you hear every day and when I hear it I think of a charming pretty unique girl/woman. I think it's also classy and tasteful. Corinne is a great name!
There is a little girl in my son's kindergarten class named Corinne, pronounced ka-RIN-ee. I had never heard this name pronounced this way before, and I am not fond of this pronunciation. It just sounds weird. Corinne is a pretty name, but only when pronounced ka-RIN.
I know a girl who pronounces this cor-ine, the ine sounding like wine, which butchers the name. But otherwise, I find it very pretty.
My name is Karin. Co-Rin is how it should be pronounced. I get Karen and Coreen (Co-ReeN) all the time. It is so annoying! I am thinking about changing my name. I am not quite sure though.
One of Theodore Roosevelt's sisters was named Corinne. It's a pretty name.
Ugly, simply ugly!
This is a very nice, beautiful name. One of my friends is named this, but pronounces it koh-RIN, short "i". You really can't go wrong naming your little girl Corinne.
I like this name. It's cool. Very pretty and French.
BOOM! My name is Corinne. :)
I like it sometimes, but other times I hate it, probably because I'm a teenager. But yeah. It's pronounced COR-IN. No question. I hate it when people spell and pronounce it wrong. Even when they know me, I don't know why. Very weird.
I was the only Corinne I knew in England where I grew up, although of course I met several in France. My parents had always pronounced it KOR-in. In the U.S. where I've lived for six years, people have difficulty hearing the difference in emphasis, even after I've said it a few times. However, when they "get" it, they are really pleased to say it my way.
Really pretty.

I think boy names on teenage girls are really cute but I wouldn't want to have the name Dani or Bobbi as my full name as a 50-year old woman. This name sorta has the best of both worlds. Corinne sounds very feminine and pretty and the nickname Corrie sounds very cool and teenager-ish or just like cute.
Pronounced co RIN.
I'm a Corinne who is cor-IN. I hate being called cor-REEN, and think that Corrine is pronounced cor-REEN. In 2nd grade I absolutely hated not having a nickname and went by Corie, briefly, but realized that Corie was atrocious (for me, anyways) and ended up Corinne again. Now that I'm in 11th grade, I'm Corinne for teachers and my parents, but most friends call me Rin, and my sister and brother call me Rinny. I kinda like the mixture, personally.

My only warning to anyone wishing to use Corinne, is be prepared to reinforce both the spelling and pronunciation. Despite the fact that Corrine is no where NEAR as popular in the USA, it is (for some strange reason) the spelling most people will assume. I don't get cor-REEN often, but when I do it irritates me to no end. Just prepare accordingly ;) Other than that, I feel as though Corinne has served me well, I've NEVER been Corinne O. In class, most people remember how to spell and pronounce it right off the bat/after one correction, and I don't stick out from my group of friends like my friend Chastitei.
A beautiful, elegant, sophisticated name, but only when pronounced ''ko-RIN'', not ''ko-REEN''. The latter rhymes with ugly and ditzy, old-fashioned country girl names like Doreen and Maureen. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Now, this name may very well be prononced that way in Fench and sound pretty that way, in French. But it sounds awful in English. When you adopt a name into your culture, you might as well adjust it to the pronunciation and spelling conventions of your culture. Of course, any English-speaker would automatically assume the name is pronounced ''ko-RIN''. The same goes for Europeans as a whole, they simply don't really use the name.
My best friend's middle name is Corinne, pronounced "rin". To me it always projects the image of a very tiny, cute squirrel. I think it's a pretty sweet name.
Famous bearer: politician Corrine Brown.
Author of cookbooks, Corinne Trang.
As said a nickname for Corinne can be Cori but more commonly I've heard nicknames like Rinn or Rinny. All depends on personal preference though. =]
I've heard Corinne pronounced both CO-RIN and CO-REEN, and I've heard Corrine pronounced both ways, also. But I personally think Corinne should be pronounced the CO-RIN way because of the two n's. Corrine should be pronounced CO-REEN because of the two r's.

Examples: Corinne Bailey Rae pronounces it CO-RIN. But on Television show Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, there is a character names Corrine, played by Shadia Simmons, who also pronounces it CO-RIN. So it's a bit confusing.
I really love the name Corinne, also I like Corrine as well.
Corinne Bailey Rae is a singer.
The only people I have known with the name Corinne have pronounced it ko-REEN, one girl I met her name was Corin and pronounced it 'cor IN' I guess each to his own.
My name is Corinne, pronounced co RIN and I cannot stand being called Koreen it doesn't sound as pretty! I love having a name that people have trouble saying, it makes you all the more memorable!
When this name has two n's at the end, whether there is an e or not, it should be pronounced co-RIN not co-REEN. Keep in mind that Christine/Kristine has only one n.
Ugh! I can't stand the way BtN says this name should be pronounced! I don't like the name Coreen, but I love Corinne, and I think that this name should be pronounced the way it looks: 'co RIN' or 'cor IN'.
My old friend's name was Corinne, and she pronounced it cor-IN. I like that way a lot better -- in fact, with that pronunciation, it's one of my favorite girls' names!
My cousin’s name is Corinne, and her mother’s family, who are English, pronounces this name Coreen, while her father’s family, who are French, pronounce this name Corin. I come from a small French community in Northern Ontario, and they pronounce this name Corin as well. I think both pronunciations are correct, although I personally prefer the pronunciation Corin over Coreen. Keep in mind though that the name Christine/Kristine is pronounced Chris teen, even though it’s spelled with “ine” at the end. If you want your name to be pronounced Corin, instead of Coreen, don’t put the “e” at the end of your name.
This name is pronounced co-RIN, not co-REEN. If it were pronounce co-REEN, it would be spelled Coreen!
Corinne is the French form of Corinna which is the Latin form of Korinna (Greek). In French, it is pronounced co-REEN. English speakers may pronounce it co-RIN which explains why there are two common pronunciations of the name. Either is correct. Actually, I prefer the English pronunciation to the French one.

Famous bearer: English singer, Corinne Bailey-Rae.
I love that name, I think it is sexy. You would never see a bad person with that name because it seems to be given to only the best of women.
I pronounce my name, Corinne, with a short "i," instead of a long "i" (I.e. "Co-RIN" instead of "Co-REEN"). In fact, I cringe everytime I hear someone pronounce my name like like the latter. Also, I would never think to shorten my name to "Cori" or another similar nickname. The name is too pretty and unique to shorten it.
TV journalist Cokie Roberts's real name is Corinne.
My name is Corinne and it is pronounced Cor-IN. If it was Cor-reen it would have two Rs and only one N.
Corinne is a nice name that can include the nickname Cori, which is also nice.
My name is Corinne. I really like it because it's not popular at all in my country (Belgium). It may also mean "hurricane".

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