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Corrine is my name! I didn't like it very much growing up but really appreciate it now. I'm surprised there aren't more of us around! People constantly mispronounce my name but it really doesn't bother me as I think both pronunciations are pretty.
CorrineV.  4/6/2016
My name is Corrine pronounced Cor-een, given to me by my mother from her favorite song "Corrina Corrina'. I am the only one in my town with the name, which was mispronounced for all my school years. I went by the nickname "Corry" by just adding the letter Y after the first four letters. It seemed easier for folks to remember.
corry212  2/29/2016
This can also be spelled as Corrinne, pronounced the same way.
anastyron  7/23/2013
I know a girl named Corrine, but she goes by Corrie. Her middle name is Evelyn. I like it a lot, as long as it's some one else's kid. It's not something I would name my daughter. But still pretty. (:
--allison--  2/15/2010
Corrine was the wife of Samuel the missionary in the book The Color Purple by Alice Walker.
― Anonymous User  6/18/2008
Corrine is the name of the heroine in Tiffany Trent's novel 'In the Serpent's Coils'.
― Anonymous User  5/28/2008
I like this name; I've seen it spelled Corryne as well.
― Anonymous User  10/8/2007
I LOVE this name! We named our daughter Corrine (pronounced COR-IN) 5 years ago. This was a family name that had been pronounced CORREEN, but we changed the pronunciation and left the spelling intact. She also loves her name and it is fitting to her gentle and sensitive personality. She is confident and lovely! A beautiful name for a beautiful girl!
― Anonymous User  2/18/2007
I've heard Corrine pronounced both CO-RIN and CO-REEN, and I've heard Corinne pronounced both ways, also. But I personally think Corrine should be pronounced the CO-REEN way because of the two r's. Corinne should be pronounced CO-RIN because of the two n's.

Examples: Corinne Bailey Rae pronounces it CO-RIN. But on Television show Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, there is a character names Corrine, played by Shadia Simmons, who also pronounces it CO-RIN. So it's a bit confusing.
Mitzi  1/29/2007
Love the name, very pretty.
― Anonymous User  1/18/2007
I love the name Corrine. It's very classy and elegant in my opinion. I also like Corinne.
EgYpTiAn PrInCeSs  1/17/2007

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