I named my son Corwin in 2011. I named him from the Amber books, and had always believed the name to mean raven. Raven does seem to fit with the character of Prince Corwin.

Interestingly, like another poster here, I almost named him Random!
It’s definitely Welsh and definitely is an archaic way of saying raven. I am Welsh. It has been in my family for hundreds of years. It is not an English name meaning heart’s friend or some such renaissance fair malarkey.
My name is Corwin! My father was a fan of Roger Zelazny's Amber Chronicles so that was where he found inspiration for my name. However, after looking into this on and off over 27 years I've found the most sourced article on the history and development of the name Corwin, which should help dispel some of the incorrect meanings of the name.
Yeah, I think the article my fellow Corwin posted a link to has to be the most reliable work I’ve seen to date in my 38 years of having the name. (My mom was pregnant with me while reading Zelazny; she almost named me Random!)
Corwyn has only one origin; Welsh, Cor means 'Small' or 'Choir' and Wyn means 'White', now let's just pretend that that the name has corrupted over time wyn/win would still stand for 'white' but Cor could be a variant of O, U, A;

Corwyn [White small] {respected}
Corwyn [White choir] {gifted}
Curwyn [White Beat] {mighty}
Carwyn [White love] {blessed}
(Carwyn being one of the more common used name in Wales)
Bear in mind that fiction writers take inspiration from other cultures in order to make it more unique, but the closest you can get to the origin is Welsh.
The name Corwin was given to 43 boys born in the US in 2015.
The name Corwin originates in ancient Rome - it was the name of Corvini, the aristocratic family. Also, in the middle ages the name was used together with the sign of raven (Corvus) by Matthias Corvinus of Hungary.
We are naming our son Corwin after Corwin of Amber from The Chronicles of Amber. We've discovered that its Latin origin means "raven," its Gaelic and Old English meaning is "white castle" or "from beyond the hill" or "heart's friend," its Old French meaning is "leather." I think I got that all right. Lol. All that matters to us is that we like it, it honors my Irish & Scots Irish blood, my wife's French blood and of course the Amber reference is what gave us the idea in the first place - my literary hero since I was a kid.
One famous bearer, who won People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive Award one year I believe, is Jeff Corwin, who hosts a television show on Animal Planet.
I like it because it reminds me of Corbin or Corvus, meaning 'raven'.
Corwin is also the name of the male protagonist of Kara Dalkey's "Water" trilogy. Corwin is a teenage Merlin.
My last name is Corwin. In Irish it is spelled Kirwin, we were given the English name when we came over on the Mayflower. Kirwins where one of 14 of the great Galeway tribes. Our ancestors built a castle in Ireland in 1648.
My son's name is Corwyn, which I found in a book entitled "10,001 Baby Names". The listed meaning there was "Strong as an Oak". However, my in-laws went on vacation to Florida and purchased a little plaque for my son with the meaning of his name, which was given as "From the Hollow". Both were of Gaelic origin.
Corwin is the name of the Roger Zelazny's protaganist in the books of Amber. He alludes that Corwin was the name of an angel seen at the end of the world.
My younger brother's name is Corwin. My parents found it in some book years ago (spelled as "Corwyn"), and when they searched for the origin and meaning they discovered that it meant "the raven" or something along those lines. I can't remember what they said the origin of it was, though. I figured that this would be useful. Plus, I found it interesting that you discovered it might mean "leather".

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