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Must be the unknown Christina, another name related to Jesus that is a very long mouthful.
This name is so beautiful and is a great name for a Christian. I am an atheist, but this name would be very good. Besides, Italian names are very pretty.
"Crocifissa" is the feminine form of "Crocifisso", which means "crucified" ("crocifisso" also is the name of the crucifix - the object -, but the name refers to the adjective, not to the noun).

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I LOVE this name. In short I do not know my natural father and my mother's family refuses to tell me who he is. As a result they decided at birth to give me a funny name. I got tired of being laughed at so I changed my surname to CROCIFISSO. I did this over ten years ago and I have never looked back. I am a Christian and to me this name says it all. I am not Italian by birth but using this name puts me in a race of people that are sweet, kind, warm and lovable. After I made the change I got a letter in the mail from this local Italian restaurant. When I told the lady I am not Italian she said come in you are one of the family now. I am very proud of my name CROCIFISSO. As for naming your child this I do not know. I was adult when I changed my name and I have been happy with it, very happy.
Crocifissa is the feminine form of Italian Crocifisso, known to mean, "Cross; Crucifix" or "Way Of The Cross."
The nineteenth century Saint Maria Crocifissa di Rosa is perhaps the most famous bearer of this name. However, she was born Paolina Francesca di Rosa and didn't adopt 'Crocifissa', meaning crucified, into her name until later in life when she founded the religious congregation the Handmaids of Charity.

Crocifissa is not a commonly given name in Italy or anywhere else. Due to its meaning and connotations I'd encourage anyone thinking of using the name on a child today to think carefully.
It's actually the word for "crucified" in Italian - if you want to name your child like this, carefully think about it.
The name Crocifissa is properly pronounced croh-chee-FISS-uh. [noted -ed]

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